By - 4/6/16 - 8:47 am

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals of Norcross, GA, wants Dr. Pieter Cohen to stop saying mean things about the sort of supplements it makes, so it's sued the Harvard Medical School professor and Cambridge Health Alliance physician for libel and slander. Read more.

By - 4/6/16 - 7:45 am
BU Bridge

Firefighters, police and EMTs rushed to bridge. Photo by Rodney French.

Alive, around 7 a.m., according to Northeast Fire Alert.

By - 4/5/16 - 9:59 am

The Globe profiles Dorothy Steele, killed in a hit-and-run crash.

She saw beauty in every bird but especially the ones most people scorned, and she used to walk close to 10 miles a day to feed them, from East Cambridge to Inman Square, Harvard to Fresh Pond. When her legs gave out she shortened her route, leaving home in a secondhand wheelchair well before dawn, shuffling her feet and pushing with her hands.

By - 4/5/16 - 7:49 am

Cambridge Day reports the City Council is pondering whether to change the zoning at 1001 Mass. Ave. to allow a medical-marijuana dispensary; some say the council shouldn't change zoning for just one business, others say, eh, the city does it for developers all the time.

Oldtimers will, of course, recall that address was once home to the city's main video arcade.

By - 4/5/16 - 7:43 am

The Crimson reports the U is looking at how to give students enough time to get from Class A to Class B when the undergraduate campus extends across two counties. One proposal includes simply spacing out classes more in general through "de-compression of the instructional week" - ending the current practice of scheduling as few classes on Fridays as possible.

By - 3/31/16 - 6:14 pm
Au Bon Pain in Harvard Square is no more

Ron Newman watched workers begin to take apart the Au Bon Pain minutes after it closed forever at 2 p.m. today.

In addition to shutting the sandwich place, Harvard has also chopped down the trees in the little plaza and plans to get rid of the chess tables as it prepares to embiggen what oldtimers still call the Holyoke Center.

By - 3/25/16 - 6:59 pm

Two men got into a fight at the 616 Mass. Ave. Dunkin' Donuts yesterday afternoon that ended when one smashed the other in the face with a chair, Cambridge Police report:

A suspect and victim - both believed to be homeless - were engaged in a fight inside the coffee shop; the victim was struck by a chair and sustained a cut to his face and transported to a hospital for treatment.

There was so much blood from the gash that officers at first thought they were responding to a stabbing, police say.

By - 3/25/16 - 9:00 am

The Crimson reports a total of 16 confirmed mumps cases at Harvard, with some cases now also reported at Tufts and BU.

By - 3/24/16 - 5:59 pm

Cambridge Police report arresting a man they say fired blank rounds from a gun several times in the area of Broadway and Windsor Street last month. Read more.

By - 3/24/16 - 7:46 am
Red Line at Park Street: Where's the train?

The Red Line switches to turtle time. Photo by Mike Slafsky.

It's severe-delay time on both sides of the Red Line as a switch at Alewife has forgotten the one job it has.

Rose pleads:

HELP send coffee & bagels to Harvard @MBTA!

By - 3/22/16 - 10:14 pm
Mt. Auburn crime scene

Mt. Auburn Street crime scene. Photo by Tom Stohlman.

UPDATE: One of the two men died.

Shortly before 10 p.m., two men were shot on Mt. Auburn Street at Longfellow Road, right outside Mt. Auburn Hospital. Read more.

By - 3/22/16 - 9:30 am
Turkey in Central Square

In Cambridge, Central Square Florist had a pair of turkeys walk by this morning.

In West Roxbury, Terry Klein spotted a bunch of turkeys on Redlands Road: Read more.

By - 3/18/16 - 11:44 am

Next City takes a look at how Cambridge is trying to increase public participation in land-use and planning discussions. Among the tools the citiy is using: A "mobile engagement station" - a wooden table carved into the shape of the city, with a map on its surface that residents sitting around it on their neighborhood-shaped chairs can draw on as they consider the issue at hand:

"We take a photo of the table, redraw it in an online GIS application, and then we have a file where we can turn [layers] on and off. We'll use [the table] to collect and scrutinize and analyze," explains D'Oca.

By - 3/18/16 - 8:03 am

Signal problems between Alewife and Harvard mean "moderate" delays, the T says. At 7:57, Kris Kream tweeted:

Nothing coming or going northbound Braintree. Stuck at North Quincy 15+ minutes.

By - 3/16/16 - 5:09 pm

M.L. reports seeing a weird, teensy-tiny little purple car on Mass. Ave. in Cambridge today, headed towards MIT (of course). Corinne replies with the above photo. Anybody know more about it?

By - 3/16/16 - 11:20 am
Firefighters going down to Alewife station

Firefighters descend to platform. Photo by Patrick Peralta.

UPDATE: NECN reports a body was found on the tracks.

Station was shut around 10:45 a.m. due to a "medical emergency;" now it's full of police, firefighters and EMTs.

Peralta reports:

Not a good sign when you arrive to an awful smell and these guys heading to the tracks.

By - 3/15/16 - 6:19 pm

Dorothy Steele, 77, of Cambridge, who was in her wheelchair on Columbia Street when hit head on by a car on Feb. 2, has died of injuries from the crash, Cambridge Police and the Middlesex County District Attorney's office report.

Police identified the driver of the car a few days later as Henry Park, 62, of Somerville. Authorities say he will now be charged with leaving the scene of a personal-injury crash causing death. An arraignment date has not been set.

Innocent, etc.