By - 7/27/17 - 3:34 pm

Cambridge Police report they are looking for somebody who went around the Peabody neighborhood early Wednesday, smashing windows, lights and mirrors on cars in 14 different incidents. Read more.

By - 7/24/17 - 5:44 pm

"Moderate" delays on the Red Line due to a train with a permanent X across its personnel file, the MBTA reports.

By - 7/24/17 - 5:40 pm
Wanted car

UPDATE: State Police report they found the guy - a Lynn man who now faces a variety of charges.

State Police say a guy who caused a three-car crash on Land Boulevard this morning pulled off an old trick when he told the other drivers to pull over to the side of the road to exchange papers, which they did, but he instead just drove away. Read more.

By - 7/19/17 - 6:09 pm
On a Red Line train with no lights

Rajeeve Martyn posted this selfie at 5:30 p.m. What else to do when you're stuck on a Red Line train with no lights in the tunnel between Harvard and Central?

By - 7/19/17 - 4:38 pm

A train on the slab at Porter is causing "moderate" delays on the Red Line, the MBTA alerts.

By - 7/16/17 - 3:47 pm
M Street beach in South Boston

Mike reports a packed beach at M Street in South Boston today.

Jordan Frias reports a packed Toscanini's in Cambridge: Read more.

By - 7/13/17 - 10:40 am

A firm with no apparent Web site of its own that holds a patent it claims gives it ownership of a way to index information stored in online databases is suing two local companies for patent infringement. Read more.

By - 7/12/17 - 9:02 am
New cycle track in Cambridge

Devin Cole shows us the new cycle track - bike lanes marked off by more than just paint - along Brattle Street in Harvard Square.

HUGE upgrade for safety and access.

By - 7/6/17 - 9:03 am

Wicked Local reports police are looking for two men they say tied up an employee of a CambridgeSide Galleria store before making off with several iPhones on June 26 - the same day another man held up the CVS there at gunpoint.

By - 7/6/17 - 12:23 am
Sunset over the Charles River

John Gage watched the sunset over the Charles River on Wednesday.

By - 7/3/17 - 8:28 pm

The Crimson reports a club that had let some women in as "provisional" members has kicked them all out, so the boys can once again eat dinner in peace without having to worry about the female gaze.

By - 7/3/17 - 4:50 pm

"Moderate" delays on the Red Line right now thanks to a train that lost its will to live at Harvard Squre, the MBTA reports.

By - 7/2/17 - 12:47 pm

Cambridge Day reports &pizza, which you'd think would be a perfect Cambridge name, is trying yet again to move into a Harvard Square space, this time by teaming up with a bakery called Milk Bar.

Earlier, the pizza place narrowly avoided disaster by removing a trellis the Historical Commission had deemed unhistoric, only to founder on the shoals of the Cambridge zoning board, which put its municipal foot down and declared the square has enough pizza, thank you very much.

By - 7/1/17 - 1:46 pm
Cambridge dance party in Central Square

Our own Ron Newman was among the hundreds who didn't let the rain stop the annual Cambridge Dance Party outside City Hall in Central Square last night.

By - 7/1/17 - 10:06 am
Wanted for Cambridge holdup

Cambridge Police report they are looking for this guy for sticking up the CVS at the CambridgeSide Galleria on Monday. He made off with an unspecified amount of cash.

If he looks familiar, contact Det. Donald Mahoney at 617-349-3372.

By - 6/28/17 - 10:37 am

State Police report the crash left just one lane open inbound this morning and that some people were injured.

By - 6/26/17 - 8:57 pm
Interesting clouds over Cambridge

J. Nathan Matias watched the clouds over the Charles and MIT in Cambridge this afternoon. Read more.

By - 6/25/17 - 6:09 pm

Andrea watched a Boston Cab driver hop onto the sidewalk to get around the Sunday ban on cars down Mem. Drive.