Charles River

By - 12/29/08 - 8:50 am

Bostonhelopilot gives us the tour:

By - 12/19/08 - 10:02 pm
The Charles

Saul Blumenthal took a walk along Memorial Drive by the Charles River this afternoon.

By - 12/13/08 - 3:40 pm

This morning on Nonantum Road in Newton, Channel 4 reports.

By - 10/31/08 - 8:48 am

Around 6:15 a.m. between Western Avenue and JFK Street, Channel 4 reports, adding the driver was found soaking wet but otherwise OK.

Channel 4 also reports a driver in Charlestown was not so lucky - He was found dead beside his car after a violent crash in the tunnel on Rutherford Avenue outbound.

By - 10/21/08 - 7:51 am

This Saturday afternoon, the Massachusetts Oyster Cracker Project will be placing oysters in Boston Harbor, at the mouth of the Charles River.

The goal isn't to give the Union Oyster House a new supply of slurpable food, but to create a natural filtration system for the harbor:

Charles river flow is 300 million gallons per day. Ten small beds of oysters 225 feet square (less than a football field) could cleanse this volume on a daily basis.

Would this happen instantaneously? No. Would every gallon of flow be filtered? No. But can these Oysters improve the situation? Absolutely.

Via the Charlestown Connection.

By - 10/18/08 - 2:23 pm
Head of the class

Paul Kelleher got a good spot for watching the Head of the Charles Regatta today.

Way more Head of the Charles photos.

By - 10/10/08 - 3:12 pm

If you happen to see a large banner floating by that urges you to "Discover Roxbury," could you let Third Decade know? He spent a lot of time on the thing and was very disappointed when he heard it blew off a trolley bus and right into the Charles River from the Mass. Ave. bridge.

By - 8/15/08 - 8:32 pm

Vanshnookenraggen posts a copy of a 1909 map showing current and proposed transit lines in Boston Proper, including what became today's subways, the long-gone Atlantic Avenue el and a proposed trolley tunnel along the banks of the Charles.

By - 8/15/08 - 5:15 pm

The body of a white man in his 40s was pulled from the Charles River near the Boston end of the Mass. Ave. bridge around noon today, the Suffolk County DA's office reports. No obvious signs of trauma were found; an autopsy is planned for this weekend.

By - 7/10/08 - 1:06 pm

Seven altogether; goes before the Boston Zoning Board of Appeal on July 29 for a variance.

Via John Keith.

By - 7/9/08 - 10:45 am

Everybody agrees it's wrong that those brand-spanking new fields along the Charles River are padlocked most of the time, yet nobody can agree why, let alone simply send out a guy with a bolt cutter to end the problem.

By - 7/7/08 - 10:08 pm

Amy recounts an incident on the Mass. Ave. bridge during the July Fourth Pops concert that renews your faith in at least part of humanity.

By - 7/6/08 - 11:15 am

Harry Mattison writes that if some New Bedford state senator wants to complain about abuses on the Charles, he should be looking at things like Harvard's $99-a-year lease on a boathouse, not low-interest loans for a boathouse open to the public.

By - 7/5/08 - 7:23 pm

Cutler Park on the Dedham/Needham line lets you go deep into a marsh without getting stuck in mud - thanks to a boardwalk that meanders through the park, which consists mainly of a 700-acre marsh along the Charles River (and 128).

More about the park, including directions.

By - 7/5/08 - 10:52 am

Joe Driscoll took photos (such as the above) of last night's Charles River fireworks from the Hancock.

Garreyf photographed the reflections of the fireworks on the Hancock and the river.

Ben Ostrander posts fireworks photos from the Mass. Ave. bridge.

More photos.

By - 6/30/08 - 2:14 pm

For the same reason trucks have been banned from everybody's favorite rusted-out hulk of a bridge. Ron Newman asks; Joe Pesaturo at the T answers: It's 10 m.p.h. for Red Line trains until the Department of Conservation and Recreation tells the T otherwise.

By - 6/20/08 - 3:30 pm

BostonZest discusses efforts by state and city arborists and local volunteers to protect elm trees on the Commonwealth Avenue mall and along the Esplanade and Charlesgate from the dreaded Dutch Elm Disease:

... When we have a few days of hot weather, the elm bark beetle will come out of hiding and begin spreading the disease. That's when volunteers look to the treetops for signs of distress. "We call it flagging, which is the yellowing of the leaves on a certain section," said Greg Mosman, Boston's city arborist. ...

By - 6/9/08 - 3:25 pm

WBUR's Radio Boston is doing a show on the Charles River and has set up a Flickr group for you to post geotagged photos of the river, to create a Charles photo montage.