Charles River

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Harry Mattison wonders why the state wants to add zillions of miles of bike paths when it's currently not maintaining the ones it already has, such as the paths along the Charles River:

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Mike Champion snaps a cool photo of the Northeastern boathouse at night.

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Drugs are good for your colon

There's some weird graffiti at the playground at Paul Revere Park by the Charles River Dam.

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Did anyone else see the helicopter flying over the Charles around 1:00 this afternoon? I was driving down Memorial Drive from the Harvard Bridge towards Harvard Square when I saw a low flying helicopter come over from the Kenmore Sq area and then over the Charles. It got real low and I think it landed a few hundred yards in Cambridge. I couldn't see exactly where.

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Makes $6,000 donation toward the cost of cleaning up the cleanup boat on which volunteers and EMTs suffered burns from some sodium floating in the Charles.

Julia Reischel at the Dig has more.

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Update: Even though I recently got a new eyeglass prescription, I obviously can't see well, because I missed the fact that Halle wrote his plea 10 YEARS AGO, rather than as a reaction to the recent burning of five people by sodium (watch this year's MIT sodium drop). But that says something as well ...

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Oh, those wacky MIT kids. Seems every year, they steal a bar of sodium from the school chemistry labs so they can drop it in the Charles and watch it explode.

Only this year, the bar didn't totally dissolve and now we have five people with burns on the other side of the river.

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The Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports that five people working on a Charles River cleanup suffered burns when a "taffy-like substance," which they'd hauled aboard their boat, caught fire this afternoon near the Esplanade.

Officials are investigating exactly what the stuff is, but say they doubt it was part of an intentionally explosive device.

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A great grate

What looks like one of those modern arrangements at the spring flower show is actually Boston Water and Sewer Commission Stormwater Outfall No. 245 at the Charles River Dam.

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Mike the Mad Biologist thinks so: A program to get geese out of Science Park only got them to move down to the Esplanade, which they now crap up, leading to crappy runoff into the river, feeding what has become an annual bloom of blue-green algae that is itself pretty gross:

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Sushiesque photographed the Charles River fireworks. So did Teenytinyturkey. And Ebzsalserohym videoed the finale:

Jason Feifer says it's all fun and games until the fireworks set off a car alarm on your street.

Zolok: The pyrotechnics seemed really a lot closer to the Bikini Atoll tests this year.

Garrett LeSage reports on a drunken brawl on the way home on the T:

... Profanity was flying like only a Southie could say it. (Think of "Good Will Hunting".) It probably could have easily turned riot level; lots of people were worked up about the fight. A few brave individuals stepped in, thankfully, and forcefully shoved most of the misbehaving drunk kids off the train. ... police later came and investigated the matter. There was a report of a knife, too ... and I somehow suspected that we weren't the only part of the train (or only train for that matter) that had a fight like this. Some people got messed up pretty bad; they’re going to need stitches.

Riding the MBTA during holidays usually winds up like this… and that's exactly why I chose to leave my real gear and take my pocket camera instead. ...

Karl reports on a Southie celebration that ended suddenly when the Irish immigrant who owned one of the condos in a triple decker locked him and several other people out for discussing the differences between Australian and American politics.

T. ponders the meaning of the Fourth as Filipina-American. The Duck ponders the meaning of the Fourth as an impending Canadian-American:

... This is one of those weird weeks where my 'nationality' gets a little confusing. My parents typically have a party on July 4th- one that includes a giant cake with a red maple leaf in it. ...

Wayne Braverman declares watching the Pops on TV a horrible experience.

Down in Texas, Katie celebrates her last Fourth as a Texan - she's moving to our Fair Hub next month.

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Can imported beetles help beat back the purple loosestrife that, while pretty to look at, is choking local wetlands? Jennifer Forman Orth reports on a field trip by the state Purple Loosestrife Biocontrol Project to Cutler Park on the Dedham/Needham line (at Great Plain Avenue off 128). Workers released 7,500 Galerucella beetles, which just loves them some purple loosestrife:

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New Yorker charged with attacking woman and child at the Esplanade playground yesterday evening, Channel 5 reports.

Rearlimgigeazr Eshiesycapilla, 23, (NOTE: Not his real name, age or city; see comment below) expected to be arraigned this morning on two counts of indecent assault and battery, with one on an adult and one on a child under 14, in Charlestown District Court, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office.

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Just enough to let Sean know he really was a turtle and not a discarded toy.

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Charles Q photographs yesterday's unusual sunset over the Charles.