Charles River

By - 9/5/05 - 8:24 pm


We picked up some subs at Roggie's, then headed over to the MDC, um, DCR park on the Charles River in Brighton. As we ate, we watched the parade of canoes, kayaks and big/bigger/biggest power boats on the river - with the odd sculler thrown in. But my favorite was the guy chugging along in his own personal tug boat:


By - 6/26/05 - 6:16 pm

Jeffrey runs in a 5k race along the Charles this morning:

... It was hot, way hotter than I expected. Hovering a bit above ninety degrees with no wind, at 9am. Trying to escape the heat, I bolted out of the gate, passing this person, passing that person, until after a while there was nobody left that I really was able to pass; my body was saying enough, and at that point I realized that I was running quite a bit faster than I had thought. ...

By - 5/8/05 - 6:30 pm

Casting his line

Dedicated anglers aren't going to let cold, wind and rain stop them from fishing at the Charles River Dam in Charlestown.