Charles River

By - 4/16/06 - 1:16 pm

Krissy and Matt launch a canoe in Newton and take photos of the trip.

By - 3/17/06 - 3:43 pm

UPDATE: But it will re-open in a couple of days.

Suddenly, a blast from the past:

No more

Echo Bridge closed to the public.

Understandable, I guess, but still sad.

More Echo Bridge and Hemlock Gorge photos.

By - 2/22/06 - 12:15 am

The Charles River White Geese Blog chronicles efforts to save the white geese of the Charles River basin:

... Yesterday, February 20, 2006, I was able to visit the Goose Meadow/Destroyed Nesting Area, the only part of the habitat of the Charles River White Geese from which they have not been barred since September 2004, and it was destroyed by Boston University for normal use in October 1999.

The gaggle of the Charles River White Geese greeted me with their usual happy hello. ...

By - 10/23/05 - 10:28 pm

Thanks to the Regatta, it took Rose 2 hours and 45 minutes to get from Davis Square to Coolidge Corner on the T. However, she resists the temptation to push any slumming stoner rich kids on the tracks.

By - 10/21/05 - 8:30 pm

No, not on the races themselves. Jonelle provides the over/under odds for regatta-related happenings: Men spotted wearing Nantucket Reds; bodies found in the river by hapless rowing crews; and drunk college students falling off the footbridge.

By - 10/21/05 - 7:43 am

Marty wonders if he's getting too old for the Head of the Charles, which is this weekend:

... Is anyone else out there planning to go to the river? Or did you, too, totally miss the fact that the Head of the Charles is this weekend? Or, has this event just gone past its prime and no one cares anymore?

Official Head of the Charles site.

By - 10/17/05 - 7:52 pm

Scroll down this page to see just how much more water has been flowing past the Moody Street dam on the Charles River of late.

Via Bob, who also notes a page for more Massachusetts rivers.

By - 9/5/05 - 8:24 pm


We picked up some subs at Roggie's, then headed over to the MDC, um, DCR park on the Charles River in Brighton. As we ate, we watched the parade of canoes, kayaks and big/bigger/biggest power boats on the river - with the odd sculler thrown in. But my favorite was the guy chugging along in his own personal tug boat:


By - 6/26/05 - 6:16 pm

Jeffrey runs in a 5k race along the Charles this morning:

... It was hot, way hotter than I expected. Hovering a bit above ninety degrees with no wind, at 9am. Trying to escape the heat, I bolted out of the gate, passing this person, passing that person, until after a while there was nobody left that I really was able to pass; my body was saying enough, and at that point I realized that I was running quite a bit faster than I had thought. ...

By - 5/8/05 - 6:30 pm

Casting his line

Dedicated anglers aren't going to let cold, wind and rain stop them from fishing at the Charles River Dam in Charlestown.