By - 5/18/16 - 8:01 am

The Boston Licensing Board recently gave Sagarino's, 106 South St., the right to sell liquor in pint and half-pint bottles, after the store argued customers living in tiny units want the freedom to buy smaller liquor bottles to match their smaller storage space. Read more.

By - 5/14/16 - 11:11 am

Laura Keith reported around 10:50 a.m.:

Ummm. There's a big slab of raw meat on the stairs at the Washington St entrance to Tufts Medical Center station.

The T replies:

We are sending a cleaner to take care of this asap.

By - 5/11/16 - 11:44 am

A Suffolk County grand jury yesterday indicted Xiao Ying Zhou, 45, of Sandwich on charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon causing serious bodily injury and leaving the scene of a collision causing personal injury for a Feb. 1 incident in which she allegedly hit and then dragged a pedestrian from Kneeland Street in Chinatown to Columbia Road in Uphams Corner with her SUV, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

The victim sustained serious injuries from being hit and dragged that far; a second pedestrian was also hit, but not dragged.

Innocent, etc.

By - 5/5/16 - 7:23 am

Time was, the idea behind the Combat Zone was to concentrate all the adult entertainment in one small area to keep it out of the rest of the city. Then the BRA figured it could just demolish the entire area and all the theaters and shops would just, poof, disappear. But people fought them.

By - 4/24/16 - 10:32 pm

The T managed to get the carcass of the Orange Line train removed somehow, but even the residual delays are still "moderate." As Adam Cyr, who got stuck in the maelstrom, reports:

45 minutes stuck at DTX because they can't figure out how to push a train out of the way from Chinatown.

By - 4/24/16 - 3:59 pm
Proposed hotel on Essex Street in Chinatown

Developers Marty McInnis and Reid Joseph have filed plans with the BRA to tear down a little used commercial building at Essex and Oxford streets and replace it with a 17-story hotel. Read more.

By - 4/23/16 - 6:35 pm

Around 1:20 p.m. at Harrison Avenue and Nassau Street, WBZ reports.

Adam Cheung writes about the deceivingly quiet Nassau Street.

By - 4/21/16 - 11:48 pm
Blackout at Back Bay station on the Orange Line

The lights went out at Tufts and Back Bay on the Orange Line this rush hour, slowing trains as riders stumbled in the dark. At least, as Joe Growhowski shows us, Back Bay had some natural light coming in from one end.

By - 4/20/16 - 12:39 pm

For years now, city officials have resisted letting liquor stores add nips, half pints and pints to their stock because the sort of people who buy them are the sort to just toss them on the ground nearby when they're done. A Leather District market currently banned from selling the smaller bottles, though, says its customers are different and is asking the Boston Licensing Board to let it sell liquor in volumes as small as a half pint. Read more.

By - 4/13/16 - 11:44 am

Sagarino's, 111 South St., could have a tough sale next week when it asks the Boston Licensing Board to remove a condition from its liquor license that bars it from selling "pints, half pints, nips or single cans." Read more.

By - 4/12/16 - 9:32 pm has the results for the First Suffolk and Middlesex race. There are no Republicans running in the May 10 final - for the right to serve until this November's election.

By - 4/5/16 - 4:04 pm

The Boston Licensing Board today held its third hearing in less than a month on two incidents at Savvor Restaurant and Lounge at which patrons took out their anger at other people by stabbing them.

In both cases, the Lincoln Street restaurant says it's not to blame: Read more.

By - 4/2/16 - 10:41 pm

Around 10 p.m. at Washington and Beach streets. In addition to his skull mask, the robber wore a black hoodie.

By - 3/31/16 - 10:16 pm

Stanley Staco reports two people were stabbed around 9:10 p.m. at Beach and Lincoln streets.

By - 3/30/16 - 8:18 am

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Adam Cheung says goodbye to Chinatown activist Henry Yee, who died earlier this month. He also shows the ceremonial burning of the lion's head after the service.

By - 3/24/16 - 3:41 pm

Sampan reports developers recently showed residents plans for a hotel at 15 Harrison Ave. at Beach Street with 126 rooms and 6 suites. The hotel would not have a kitchen or restaurant, as a way of encouraging guests to explore the neighborhood.

At the other end of Chinatown, a different set of developers have BRA approval for a hotel with tiny rooms at Tremont and Stuart streets.

By - 3/20/16 - 11:57 pm

Bostonese reports that Henry Yee, a founder and longtime leader of the Chinatown Residents Association, died Saturday.

Like the mailman, whether sun or rain, sleet or snow, you could always find Mr. Yee trudging the path to the State House to lobby for the bilingual ballot, to City Hall to register concerns about luxury development, or marching through East Boston and Chelsea on May Day to stand up for all immigrant workers’ rights, regardless of ethnicity or immigration status.

By - 3/16/16 - 4:50 pm

Does anyone know how much will cost a taxi or other option to Boston Logan International Airport from Courtyard Marriott Tremont?

By - 3/14/16 - 8:25 am

BuzzFeed looks at gentrification in Chinatown through through the lens of two sisters forced out of their apartment.

Meanwhile, a City Council committee holds a hearing at 4 p.m. today on a proposed "just-cause eviction" ordinance that would require landlords to state reasons for evictions - and mediation for large rent increases. The hearing will be in the council's fifth-floor chambers in City Hall.

By - 3/14/16 - 7:20 am

It's the dreaded "severe" delays into town from Forest Hills due to a train that mistook Chinatown for the Pearly Gates this morning. Oh, but wait, what's this? Yes, trains from Oak Grove into downtown aren't coming, either.