Boston bagels boffo

The state of the Boston bagel is strong, one (overly?) enthusiastic writer boldly states.




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Katz is so embedded in the

Katz is so embedded in the Chelsea community that people from here of many different nationalities will look at you and laugh if you try to claim a soft bagel is a real bagel. When I bring them somewhere and I see people who have never seen a real bagel before I tell them to take it slow at first, they are not made for eating very quickly.

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I think if you're claiming that New York still has great bagels

everywhere these days, you're not really spending much time there. That said, I agree that the new kids doing bagels these days, especially Better Bagels, Bagelsaurus and Exodus, are turning out the best bagels we've seen in a while. Mamaleh's bagel is pretty respectable, too (and they do a mean bialy). I remember Kupel's being great years ago, but they don't deserve a mention among our top tier anymore.

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remember Kupel's being better

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remember Kupel's being better as well- preferred Lederman's when they were open down the street from there- before they ran into their tax situation & closed about 20 years ago or so

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Boston Bagels

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Boston bagels = Wonder bread with a hole in the middle.

NY, NJ, Montreal bagels = real bagels.

The bagels at Mamaleh's are appalling.

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