Roslindale gas main flame out

Workers on Hyde Park Avenue at gas-main flame

Roslindale's seemingly eternal flame was finally doused by firefighters, National Grid workers and a lot of sand 2:30 this afternoon after National Grid finished rigging up a temporary main to replace the one that burst into flames during repair work around 6:10 p.m. on New Year's Eve.

KMV photographed workers before their next project: Putting barriers around the hole in the ground from which the flames had flared so that the city can possibly re-open at least one side of Hyde Park Avenue.



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Thank you

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Thank you National Grid workers for all your hard work the past few days.
You did a fabulous job in horrendous conditions.

That's great

but also Hyde Park Ave is going to be a disaster tomorrow with the school buses, etc... running.

I went by there around 5 tonight

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It looked like they were about to open a lane in each direction, which is to say the left lane outbound will be the inbound lane. If they can reduce the size of the work zone, this will be doable, if slightly painful.

And yes, I walked from Forest Hills to Cummins.

The good news

Is that BPS is 1000% going to be canceled on Thu + Fri due to snow/arctic air so they'll have a few extra days to fix this.

Sorry, 'good' news.

That leaves Wednesday

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Oh, I’m such a spoil sport.

On a related note, I have conceded school on Thursday, but Friday should be interesting.

Warm enough to bike tomorrow!


C'mon - it will be almost to freezing!!!!!!!

Well, I'm going to be biking. Either that or ricochet off the walls of my office like a pinball stuck between bumpers. My energy level makes me wonder if this frostonuclear snowbomb is really going to bomb out.

PS to Tofu: don't worry, my heavy duty winter bike clothes are all synthetic. No cotton or down!

Running weather

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Since my Thursday run looks like it’s not happening.

I passed 2 cyclists on the 10 minute walk from school to home this evening. They’re tough in Rozzie.

Grade 3 non hazardous leak?

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There were and are gas leaks on this roadway that are classified as Grade 3 "non- hazardous" leaks, expected to remain non- hazardous. There needs to be an explanation as to how & why this dangerous event happened and how it can be prevented from happening in the future.

Fixing Gas Leaks

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Since they are going to be fixing this leak, while they have the road open it would be a good idea to fix all the other leaks too. Councillor O'Malley pushed for an ordinance that would require National Grid to do that, but National Grid sued to stop the ordinance.


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Wasn't that what they were doing when the line got hit? I mean, it's not like Feeney Brothers (or whoever) just up and decided to randomly dig up a stretch of Hyde Park Ave. They've been annoying commuters at Forest Hills with their digging for months, so my assumption is that they've been doing some repair work to the gas lines.