He is become Storm, the destroyer of coasts

Red Alert

The excitement in Harvey Leonard's voice last night set us on edge. And then we woke up today to the news that Jim Cantore is back in Boston, awaiting the Bomb Cyclone of 2018, and arriving just in time for the National Weather Service to issue both a blizzard warning and a coastal flood warning for much of the North and South shores and a winter-storm warning for the immediate Boston area.

So with Mr. Thundersnow in town, the already itchy-fingered gnomes in the French Toast Alert bunker really had no choice but to crank the alert level all the way up to Red/Severe, the highest possible.

Now, before the gale-force winds lash the coast and the snow plummets to the ground at rates approaching two inches an hour, check all your hatches to make sure they're battened and rush to your local store and stock up on the milk, eggs and bread you'll need for French Toast (days and days' worth - the storm will be gone by Friday, but it will leave behind drifts and even colder temps than we've seen so far). You don't want to get there in time for a staredown with a local grandmother over the last gallon of milk. She will cut you.




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Shopped yesterday

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Went to a certain supermarket yesterday afternoon (most people would know which supermarket chain I'm referring to) and the crowds were already there. Wouldn't want to be there today.

Smart people

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You are the smart people.

The store still has stuff.

The store is crowded, but crowded with organized people who aren't freaking out. It usually goes well.


Certain Supermarket

Certain Supermarket's Chelsea location was a madhouse on Sunday, too. My boys and I went into the parking lot to get carts - and we all scored. They handed theirs to elders.

I went to the Certain Supermarket's Somerville location two days before the Epic Nasty Superstorm Wintergeddon Nemo in 2013. Very busy, but there were a lot of regulars doing weekly shopping and most people were having fun with it. Group of young men doing their usual roomate shopping asked why it was so busy, then turned into little kids at the mention of "blizzard" and spread out to collect cocoa, s'more components, and a snow shovel. People in line started taking selfies and pictures of one another pretending to scream against the backdrop of the packed lines. Older woman looks in my cart: "How many boys you got?".

The next day, the police and fire department were called in by mid-day.


There was a traffic jam ...

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on Mass Ave at the entrance to the Arlington Stop and Shop.

Yes, the Arlington Stop and Shop. A place that no one goes to if they can get to Market Basket, Wegmans, or almost anywhere else. (Well, maybe not Shaw's.)

I love it when Walsh waits to

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I love it when Walsh waits to announce school closings and snow emergencies until he can hold a scheduled press conference.

He's already decided what he's going to do, but waits until the presser to tell everyone. Because it's not like people would benefit from having extra time to prepare for having their kids home, or moving their car off the street.

How much extra time do you need?

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What benefit, exactly, are you going to have from a few extra hours? Gonna spend it speed-dialing babysitters and parking garages? And is this something you need to reinvent every time it snows?

I would bet money that school

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I would bet money that school is cancelled in Boston tomorrow, and that mid-afternoon on Thursday, it will be cancelled for Friday.


Most Important

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Which reminds me.. I need to make a pit stop at the store before I go home so I do :)

You have no idea

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Not kidding. Been going to this store for over a year and never more than a few people. I had to wait 30 minutes to get checked out!!

Boston TV

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Let's see if they go for 20 camera boxes on the screen simultaneously. I believe Channel 5 had 18 last winter..


The Great DVE Box Race!

I'm worried that once TV Stations go 4K, we will see 50 boxes on the TV.
There were casualties in 2015, Let me never speak of those times again!

FYI: DVE means Digital Video Effects


This is really not good

You know those Auld Lang Tides? They are still with us.

While I love me a good King Tide that makes nice splashy splashes off the seawall in Swampscott and turns Long Wharf into Long Swimming Pool, add a storm like this and things can really get dangerous.


The next three high tides for Boston are all over 10ft, with an 11+ around noon tomorrow (mean high tide is around 8ft). Surge and timing hold the fate of the most vulnerable coastal areas.

The Blizzard of 1978 would have effed up the Charles if they hadn't just reworked the dam, so, yes, Nor'Easters can be such trouble for us. Historically, more trouble than straight up hurricanes.

Be safe - be inland.


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A friend in Gloucester said they're forecast 16 foot waves. Eeesh.