Early results: Jackson Square Stop & Shop a little low on eggs, but OK on milk

Eggs and milk at Jackson Square Stop and Shop

Roving UHub photographer Jed Hresko did a bit of early French-Toast buying at the Jackson Square Stop & Shop tonight and shows us the egg and milk cases.




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We need infographics!

How about a dashboard with a geographically diverse sampling of realtime levels of eggs, bread, and milk at local stores.

C'mon Adam - you're slacking!



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Also today, somebody suggested I figure out how to do a livestream of the Roslindale Eternal Flame. Alas, it was out by the time I saw that great suggestion.

Other reports:

The Downtown Crossing Roche Bros. had a line around the corner.

The West Roxbury Roche Bros. wasn't that bad, at least around 5 p.m., aside from the fact the inside temperature was not much higher than outside, because the tarp being used to replace the wall removed during their Grand Remodeling just wasn't cutting it.


delayed delilveries due to New Year a problem

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Mid-day, my Whole Foods had a lot of decimated shelves (though plenty of produce - didn't check dairy because I'm allergic). I asked a staffer and was told it was because they didn't get their usual large Monday delivery and were expecting it later today. The holiday may have affected other stores, too.

Dollar Tree

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This might also explain the bare shelves I saw at a local Dollar Tree on Monday.

I love how

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60+ dozen eggs (just by counting what's visible in the picture) is considered "running low"...
What a country!

Don't panic!

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Does it seem like people panic every time there is a snow storm or actual blizzard?

It's only snow.

It gets plowed (in most places).

What's left over, melts in warmer temperatures.


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My wife just bought the last package of eggs at the Jackson Square S&S. Looks like we're having French Toast tomorrow!