A map of Boston-area Subways

Oh, Reddit: There's an entire Reddit "subreddit" dedicated to drawing subway maps of cities, only instead of connecting subway stations, they connect Subway sandwich shops. Because, of course.

Here's Boston, but it has a major problem: It doesn't show the Mass. Ave. Subway, the one that's built into the Mass. Ave. subway stop (also missing: the one in Cambridge's Central Square).

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Orient Heights Subway

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That Orient Heights Subway in East Boston IS a bit "hidden". I live three blocks from it and even I forget it's there. If I recall, quite a while back it actually operated out of a counter inside Lanzilli's variety store across the street before moving to the current location. A Subway within another store. I could be mistaken about this, but I'm almost certain.

One at Symphony too

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There's one at the Symphony Green Line / E-Line stop too, making two subways and Subways within a block along Mass. Ave.


Hold your rage, my friend

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No Roxbury, no Roslindale, no West Roxbury, no Hyde Park, no Charlestown, no East Boston, but Cambridge is included.

No, this is not a map of Boston Subways; it's a map of "Boston" subways.

But yeah, it's Reddit.


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Of course I know that, but I was writing from memory.

Also, since Logan is in East Boston, it gets to be a part of “Boston.”

Coolidge Corner

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There's one in Coolidge Corner -- corner of Harvard and Webster.

Not to be a buzzkill but this

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Not to be a buzzkill but this is terrible. I can name off 5 rightj now that they are missing: Allston Western Ave, Washington Street Brighton,
The E line Symphony, Westie, Hyde Park, and there are a ton more.


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Why in the hell would anyone in the entire Northeasr part of th US eat at Subway? As a former Bostonian living in Florida even Southerners don’t eat at Subway. In Florida the best subs are at Publix. Geese.


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I agree but...

It's because... you don't go to Subway because you want a quality sub, you go to Subway because it's Subway and no matter if you are eating at one in Boston or Bangladesh, it's going to be the nearly same.

That and I've never understood why people eat at the Olive Garden around here (or Red Lobstah for that matter). There's just so many more better local options. The only reason is I can attribute it to the above.. because people like eating at chains and expect a level of quality from a chain. bleh


Hobgoblin of major chains

Last time I visited my brother in rural Alberta, my sister-in-law texted me as I was coming back from a day trip and asked for my sub order. My brother was going to be picking up take out from Subway.

I was familiar enough with the menu options that I just gave her my order and got precisely what I wanted. Maybe fewer jalapenos than I would have liked (apparently an exotic request), but everything else was exactly as specified.

There is something to be said for consistency. Also something to be said for the healthy choices that you can make there when on the road and have very few options.

Geese subs?

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". In Florida the best subs are at Publix. Geese."

Geese subs? I never heard of them. Must be a regional thing.


Bring 'em on!

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Given the incredible overabundance of Canada Geese 'round these parts, I would heartily encourage some entrepreneur (or Subway) to begin pumping out "local, wild" geese subs for the masses.

Popular destination for some

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I work as a tour guide, with groups from all over the world. About 15 years ago I had a group of high school students from a small town in rural Quebec, Canada, who were visiting Boston in part to brush up on their English skills.

The teacher insisted that we find a Subway shop for our lunch stop. Why, I asked.

He said they has a Subway store in their small town, and that most of the students had worked there at one time or another. Of course everyone in the town spoke French, and all the signs and menus were in French. The teacher figured it would improve their English skills to be in a familiar location, with a familiar menu, but with everything in a strange language, and to have to use that language to place their orders.

I'm told that worldwide, Subway is one of the largest restaurant chains, up there with McDonalds. Even though they don't have a huge presence in Boston. (And when that group was here, their local presence was even smaller.)

Anybody ever think to put a map

of the good sub shops around here? Say....Dimino's in Revere?
Meridien Market in Eastie? S&L in Chelsea? New Deal in Revere? I'm sure our friends on the South Shore and Western Mass can add to that list easily.

Ask my cardioligist....there are much tastier sub shops than that processed crap Subway sells and last I checked, none of the places I cited had a pedophile for a spokesman....


Well ...

You could start one and accept additions. Put Bobs in Medford in there, too!


Subway on Washington Street

That closed about a month or two ago. Don't know if they are doing a rehab and reopen or if it is gone, but the place is gutted right now.

I don't mean renamed to Downtown Crossing.