Fire on Lamartine Street in Jamaica Plain

Fire on Lamartine Street in Jamaica Plain

Fire on Lamartine Street. Photo by Will Poff-Webster.

UPDATE: BFD reports the cause was an unattended candle on the first floor.

Boston firefighters responded to 165 Lamartine St., near the Stony Brook T stop, around 10 a.m. for what turned into a three-alarm fire.

A daycare in the house was quickly evacuated; all five kids were removed safely. A small dog, however, was found dead.

The Boston Fire Department reports four residents of the home were displaced and that damage is estimated at $1 million.

The fire spread to all of the house's floors. Firefighters reported the bulk of the fire knocked down around 10:30 a.m., they continued to comb through the house looking for hot spots.

Amanda Kelly captured some of the fire:




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Home Daycare

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I showed this to my cousin who runs a daycare like this.

"This is why we do fire drills with the children".


Neighbors will be doing a

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Neighbors will be doing a fundraiser. Will update as soon as I know more.



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Isn't this one of the newer homes that was developed by the JPNDC? built within the last 15 years or so?


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Zillow says it was built in 2003. Owned by the same family ever since.

It is.

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We’ll have to wait to find out what started the fire.


Very scary for the kids, too. I wonder how the place went up so fast if it was fairly new?

The contents burn and the

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The contents burn and the heat is contained, which catches onto more contents, an enormous amount of energy blows out the windows, the fire then gets outside surrounds the clapboards, burns both sides, gets into the walls either from the outside or the crumbling plaster inside, follows all the holes the plumber and electrician drilled and gets ahead because, even realizing it's more than you can handle takes time to figure out, if you're even home, calling the fire department takes time, traveling to your house takes time, setting up the hoses takes time, and the fires not waiting. In this case from the cell phone video I saw, the house was a total loss before the first engine arrived, and this one wasn't intentionally set.

Did you read above?

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This isn't an old house - less flammable finishes, no clapbords, no crumbling plaster.

You are describing fire progress in an unoccupied balloon frame house. Not a modern house.



I'm looking at the house in street view. It has clapboards. It was also probably balloon framed, but even if it were platform-framed that wouldn't really change anything important about the fire. It was certainly stick-built. They also didn't say anything about finishes, but about stuff, which can include books, curtains, cushions, furniture, mattresses - all of which are flammable.

You're right there probably wasn't plaster, crumbling or otherwise, but gypsum board.

Candles and cigarettes.

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Both are the cause of so many house fires. Both poison indoor air.
How did this house built in less than 15 years ago could burn so fast and uncontrollably?
It’s terrible for the residents and don’t even want to imagine the suffering of their dying pet.

We cannot expect the world to

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We cannot expect the world to stop smoking or lighting candles, unfortunately. My sister in law gave me a really expensive Yankee Candle which I have not once lit and will never light because I have pets and I'm afraid I will forget about it if it is lit and I go to work. It smells really nice unlit. For all who do use candles, maybe writing a small note and taping it to each of your exit/entrance doors above the door knobs which says, "CANDLE" may help. The same for cigarettes in an ashtray. Douse them with water when done smoking. And, if you're tired you are more than likely going to doze off and fall asleep when you are home. Don't smoke or light candles if you are tired. Some of you may have something negative to say about my comments, but it may save lives.

My impression is that Yankee

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My impression is that Yankee Candles, being in jars, are safer than candles that don't come with a holder or container.