Car gets plowed

Plow smashs car

Psolidarity8 ran across the aftermath of a cash between a snowplow and a car on Amory Street at Commonwealth Avenue around 9 a.m.



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Not in Brookline?

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Amory and Comm is in Brookline. The small number of cars parked on-street also points to it being Brookline, not Allston.


A car parked in Brookline

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A car parked in Brookline during an overnight storm? How's that even possible? There's a whole regulatory system which prohibits parking overnight year-round just to prevent this occurrence.

The Comm Ave side walk is in Boston,

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the Comm Ave buildings are in Brookline at that intersection. The point where the roadways meet is in Boston. The pictured incident happened in Brookline near Comm Ave


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Check out Beals. Or Lowell.

I think....

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...someone crowded the plow.


Or the plow crowded someone

Hard to tell what was going on here - whether or not this car was parked, what side it started on, where the plow was going, etc.

I think the plow got clustered.

The car is a few inches from

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The car is a few inches from the center line; it certainly wasn't (legally) parked.

Two vehicles probably tried to beat each other through the too-narrow space created by the other parked car, and ended up occupying the same space at the same time. This is the result.



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If the plow/loader had to change lanes to the one with opposing traffic, she/he was being a Masshole. You gotta wait for it to be clear of traffic. Looks like unconscious game of chicken at a quick glance.