In 14 minutes, three people shot, one stabbed across Boston

UPDATE: Police now say only two people were shot at Leroy Street; see the comments for more.

Boston Police report that between 10:19 and 10:33 p.m. yesterday, two people were shot repeatedly at 25 Leroy St. in Dorchester, another person was shot to death at 31 Leyland St. in Dorchester (more) and a person was stabbed at 7 San Juan St. in the South End.

About two hours later, another person was shot at 633 Shawmut Ave., in Roxbury (more).



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Leyland, not Leland

By Casey on

Boston Police say it was Leyland Street in Roxbury, not Leland Street in JP. I don't know which one I would rather it be, though. One is next to my house and the other is next to my office at work.

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Thanks. The BPD tweet did say "Leyland," I obviously missed the 'y'.

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More on the Leroy Street shootings

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Boston Police report two people, one 19, were shot repeatedly. The 19-year-old was found inside the building, the other victim outside. Both were transported to Brigham and Women's; both are expected to survive.

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heard those shots

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and I was there a couple days ago. Not to pick up drugs, but a mis-delivered package. Shoes in fact.

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yeah right...

By anon on

633 shawmut ave is in the south end as well

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