Police: Owner laughs as pit bull attacks girl on way to school

Boston Police report a girl waiting for her bus to school on Talbot Avenue in Dorchester yesterday morning was attacked by a pit bull but managed to avoid serious harm when a man driving by on a motorcycle stopped to free her from the dog:

Individuals who witnessed the incident stated the dog's owner did nothing to stop the dog and was seen laughing.

Police say the girl, 12, suffered no injury because the man got the dog off her before it could bite through her shoe - the animal was latched onto her foot.

Police add witnesses said the dog was neither leashed nor muzzled. Police sic'ed Animal Control on the woman who allegedly owns the dog.



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    How about Rottweilers?

    Even bigger and scarier -- and (seemingly) often owned by the same kind of folks who own pit bulls -- but have a bit more space.

    I'd have said Dobermans

    When I was in high school, a pair of dobies in the yard was like putting out a sign saying "Hi, I'm a drug dealer. Meet my poorly socialized dogs who will someday maul an infant!"

    Hey, there are a lot of

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    Hey, there are a lot of wonderful dobermans, pit bulls, and rotties out there. Don't blame the breed for their owners' stupidity.

    I hope the little girl isn't too traumatized and the dog responsible isn't destroyed, since this is clearly the owner's fault.

    The breeds, in the abstract....

    ...may be fine. But what percentage of the dogs you actually find in this country (especially in urban areas) are sound?

    I am a major dog lover -- but I see lots of dogs about that don't seem very lovable these days.

    I am sitting here thinking

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    I am sitting here thinking about the kind of person who watches and laughs while her dog attacks a child, and I am thinking that the pitbull deserves to find a good home, and the owner ought to be put down.


    Them too

    And I remember when German Shepherds were really fine dogs -- but they seem to have been damaged (asa breed in the US, at least) by bad breeding and bad owners.

    I wonder if Rottweilers and Dobermans also should be a lot more civilized (if not mis-bred and mis-handled)?

    Dobies are really smart

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    I used to work for a lighting/sound place where my boss brought his dobie to work every day. He walked freely around the store, and in the very rare instance that a customer seemed uncomfortable, one of us would tell him to go lie down, and he would. They're one of the best balances of being highly trainable while still good problem solvers.



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    ....who's reaction is laughter when a dog is biting a child should be banned from having a dog for starters.

    As the current and

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    As the current and responsible owner of a pit bull, and a former owner of a Rottweiler, the actions of these savages infuriates me.

    Barbarians like this are the reason that I have to pay 10x the normal amount to license the cutest, most lovable dog I've ever seen.

    Yes there are many

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    Yes there are many irresponsible dog breeders but my friends with pitties have all gotten their dogs at the humane society or rescue orgs. Most responsible dog owners do so. (And with petfinder you can search humane societies/pounds by breed!)

    There is not such thing as a

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    There is not such thing as a "responsible owner of a pit bull". If you were responsible - you would not own one!

    pit bulls

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    Would you people that say "Ahh, the poor dog", or blame attacks on the owners, get a reality check? Pit Bulls are vicious dogs - it is in their nature! How many times do you hear, after a dog has attacked someone, "I don't understand it - he(she) is such a nice dog and wouldn't hurt a flea"?
    There is a reason that many cities have made it a law not to have Pit Bulls - you never can predict what they will do. How many children and pets do we need to lose before this breed is allowed to become extinct.
    And, I don't want to hear from the breeders/owners about how some of the dogs are good - they are not!!! You have a serious problem if you think it is great to own a potentially dangerous dog.
    Out of curiousity, do you own insurance to pay for any injuries incurred by your dog? I'm guessing not - no insurance company in their right mind would insure a Pit Bull.