Seaver Street market held up by guys with a gun and knives

Boston Police tweet the Happy Superette, 122 Seaver St., was held up this afternoon by three black males "with gun and knives," who fled on foot.



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Families I work with on Seaver Street, Humboldt, Homestead, etc. who've lived there for generations all say it's Dorchester. USPS agrees (though it also puts Dorchester further north and west in that area than residents do).

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Your families obviously know

Your families obviously know nothing about Roxbury. Temple Mishkan Tefila - the former - is just up Seaver st. The neighborhood was the heart of the Jewish Elm Hill neighborhood of Roxbury at the turn of the twentieth century and for decades more. The building was taken over by the Elma Lewis school - a Roxbury landmark. Before annexation in 1868, Seaver st. was the boundary between Roxbury and West Roxbury. Before 1851, it was just plain Roxbury, and 122 Seaver st. - named for a Roxbury native - was blocks from the Dorchester border.

Humbolt ave.? As Roxbury as Roxbury can be. 122 Seaver st is almost a mile away from Dorchester. If the people you work with don't know where they live, there's a problem, but not with Roxbury. Those must be very short generations they're dealing with, because Roxbury Jews still lived in the neighborhood through the late 1950s.

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Some of these families are Jews

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and I did mean "generations" as in families who've been there since before the turn of the century. And they write "Dorchester" on their mail. Your history sounds right, but I wonder if the borders migrate as the inhabitants change?

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Borders do tend migrate in

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Borders do tend migrate in Boston, but not that much. This spot is as close to JP as it is to Dorchester.

If you listen to the Post Office, "Dorchester" (as in 02121) goes along Seaver all the way to Walnut Ave, which is basically Egleston Square. That's completely nuts.

That being said, feel free to call anything bad that happens in 02121 Dorchester, because I live in Roxbury.

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Borders like these do

Borders like these do migrate. Jamaica Plain expanded north to Parker Hill over time. Still, in this case, Seaver st and Humbolt ave were Roxbury when Elma Lewis took over the Mishkan Tefila Temple in 1968.

The post office address doesn't matter - they make up their own designations for their own purposes. It is entirely possible that many people in the neighborhood do think they live in Dorchester. My speculation would be that the turnover in the district was so fast that the new people coming in - African-Americans from the South - never had a chance to learn from the long-time white neighbors, and picked up Dorchester because Franklin Park was adjacent, and is often considered to be in Dorchesater. This, in spite of the fact that the Elm Hill neighborhood was integrated back in the 1940s by African-Americans from lower Roxbury and the South End. They certainly knew that they lived in Roxbury. So if the "border" has evolved in the minds of locals, it's happened in the last generation.

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I can't imagine thinking of the northeast border of Franklin Park as Dorchester. That's just wrong. For that matter, I've never imagined that any part of Franklin Park is in Dorchester. Dorchester is on the other side of Blue Hill, isn't it?

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