Dorchester men charged with trying to murder 15-year-old in Roxbury

Boston Police report a 15-year-old was shot in the leg around 6 p.m. yesterday at Dearborn and Eustis streets, allegedly by two men, one of whom has a lengthy record for gun and drug arrests dating to at least 2003.

He was transported to Boston Medical Center and is expected to survive. The Globe reports he was riding a bicycle when a car pulled up next to him and a man got out and fired several rounds at him.

Police say witnesses gave "excellent descriptions" of the car the two alleged shooters used to escape and that officers found a vehicle matching their description in traffic about a mile and a half away on Quincy Street in Grove Hall:

During the traffic stop, officers noticed that the operator was extremely nervous, breathing heavy and repeatedly handing officers a credit card when asked for his license. The passenger kept trying to interject in the conversation between the officer and driver exclaiming that he was just going home and lived right there. Both occupants were removed from the car and frisked for the presence of a weapon. During a pat frisk of the driver, officers recovered a firearm with six spent casings from the driver.

Chester A. Johnson, 24, and Terrence L. Blalock, 27, both of Dorchester, were arrested on charges of unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling, possession of a loaded firearm and assault with intent to murder.

In 2005, Blalock was arrested as part of a group that allegedly stomped a man at gunpoint. And in 2003, he was one of 36 people arrested in a joint city/federal sweep of "men and women who have been negatively impacting the daily lives of our neighbors conducting drug activity mainly in Roxbury and Dorchester."

Innocent, etc.



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Strike three

I hope he never sees daylight again. But then again, this is Massachusetts, so some judge will give him an attaboy. I'm sure the guy he shot in the leg deserved it. I'm sure he "disrespected" him or said hello to his girlfriend.

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what is he saying that is not

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what is he saying that is not true or out of line? the herald comments are full of baseless venom. he is making a pretty reasonable comment.

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Hey Chris Tucker

Piss off, tree hugger.

Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?

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like real talk thats fucked

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like real talk thats fucked up to talk about them like that now one of those dudes is real close to me and i kno for a fact he had to be pressured into doin something like that cuz he is not that type of dude!...

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Okay. So tell me why is a grownass man even involved with anything like the attempted execution of a kid. Huh? WTF is he doing any where near anywhere he can be "pressured" into this kind of sick crap? Huh? WTF doesn't he have a job and a life somewhere that doesn't involve killing children or being anywhere near anybody who would want to????

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