Bicycle thief arrested in Dorchester

Boston Pollice report arresting one of two teens spotted punching a guy and stealing his bicycle Monday afternoon.

According to police, the two teens accosted the guy outside the Tedeschi at 1392 Dorchester Ave. around 3:30 p.m., punching him, pushing him to the ground and then making off with his bike.

Police say officers spotted one of the alleged thieves and the bike near Freeport Street - just as the victim, who'd been following, showed up. Victim IDed the perp, he was arrested, and police gave the victim his bike back.

Bryant Simpson, 17, was charged with unarmed robbery and assault and battery.

Innocent, etc.



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    Well this is one more

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    Well this is one more argument that cyclists who don't like to stop at red lights can use in their favor. Hard to get punched in the face and have your bike stolen if you're not standing around!

    In all seriousness this is really frustrating to see, as someone who rides through this area daily. One more thing to worry about on a bike. Glad they caught up with the jerks quickly.

    you people are a real piece

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    you people are a real piece of work. i was there when it happened and they switched the story just because he was a black kid. he was retrieving his stolen property and he gets the raw end because hes an african american. im glad he was found innocent

    This is why I don't stop at redlights

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    in this area....I try to stop before them so, I can blow past any jerks that might punch me or throw a basketball at my head, which happened a few blocks from here a while back.

    Stop Softly

    And carry a f$%#ing u-lock. Seriously - I used to ride through some areas where mugging reports were higher than most places, and I always kept that lock handy. I only had to reach for it once, though, and reaching was enough. (frankly, I've pulled it far more often when some idiot driver has decided to threaten me for existing). Won't stop a basketball flying at my head, sure - but it makes your average little tough guy think twice about you as an easy target.