South End restaurant left hanging by safe robbers

Safe thief

Boston Police report they're looking for two guys who broke into The Gallows restaurant, 1395 Washington St., on July 6 and walked out the rear door with a safe containing $4,000 in cash and personal checks.



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    My first thought

    Exactly!!! If your safe is light enough so that it can be picked up by a non-body-builder and carried out the door, you think you'd secure it to something....

    I bet they're glad they

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    I bet they're glad they sprung for a surveillance camera so they could witness their epic fail.


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    Aren't you supposed to bolt the safe to the floor?

    The best thing to do is have

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    The best thing to do is have two safes. One is a super heavy duty one which can't be lifted and is bolted to the floor. The other is small and light enough for maybe one or two strong guys to lift. The heavy safe is full of the real money, the small light safe is full of some of those gag tubes with springing snakes. When the burglars show up, they happily cart off the lighter safe and get a hilarious surprise when it's finally cracked open some time later.

    stores and cash.

    Many stores and restuarants have a safe where they leave each nights cash intake. A restuarant usually doesn't close until late, so the owners either lock the cash up in the night safe, or take the cash home with them (this can also be unsafe). They can then deposit the cash the next day during banking hours.

    If the owner is smart, they bolt the safe to the floor and also have a good alarm system (it looks like this owner had a decent camera anyway). In theory the cash should be as safe as if he brought it home with him.

    A lot of safe robberies like this one involve burglars who know exactly how much cash is going to be there, when the safe is full, and where the safe is.

    Q: "Willie, why do you rob

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    Q: "Willie, why do you rob banks?"
    A: "Cause that's where the money is." ~ Willie Sutton

    4k seems high

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    4k, in the day where so much is rung up via credit card?

    The crime took place July 6th

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    The crime took place July 6th and the cash was probably from most of the holiday weekend.

    Come on, Adam!

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    No puns about a "not safe for work" picture? Or something?


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    So somebody gets robbed and its their fault, eh? Sweet outlook we have now. Anybody seen empathy around?