The street price of an assault weapon in Boston: $3,700 - but the dealer will throw in some crack cocaine to sweeten the deal

A Roxbury man was arrested yesterday on charges he sold a high-capacity automatic weapon to an informant, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. His wife was also arrested - for possession of the crack cocaine the man allegedly used as an enticement for the deal.

Herbert Davis, 51, was arrested shortly after the informant for a joint local/federal investigation handed over $3,700 in Davis's Harold Park apartment, the District Attorney's office says.

Davis's bail on various weapons and drug-distribution charges was set at $50,000, but earlier bail on an unrelated case out of Norfolk County was revoked. Prosecutors had sought bail of $250,000.

His wife, Dedrea Poindexter-Davis, 45, was released on her own recognizance.

According to the DA's office:

In the course of that investigation, a cooperating witness had made arrangements to purchase from Davis an AR-15 rifle for $3700. Yesterday, when the witness brought that amount for the rifle, Davis allegedly increased the price to $4300 and offered the witness the Tec-9 and crack cocaine instead. The witness accepted the deal.

Minutes after the witness left Davis' apartment, members of the Boston Police Department SWAT team entered and secured the premises for the execution of a Suffolk Superior Court search warrant. Investigators recovered $3573 in cash from Davis' person, as well as two plastic bags of crack cocaine, a quantity of white powder believed to be used as a cutting agent, and $389 in cash.

Gun and crack: Seized yesterdayGun, 30-round magazine and crack: Seized yesterday



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Incorrect gun terms

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The Tec-9 (as well as the AR-15) are both semi-automatic. And that's a 30-round magazine shown in the picture, as long as I'm nit-picking.

It's a 30 round magazine, not a clip

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TEC-9's are not automatic guns. They are semi-automatic pistols just like the guns the police carry.

The only differences are Tec-9's are regarded as junk but they look scary. Most reviews say that you can't fire more than 3 shots w/o it jamming.

I can't believe someone would try to sell one for $3,700. They run about $300 on the used market (if you aren't a criminal and have your LTC).


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And thanks for the info. $300 used? Quite a markup the guy was trying for.

I know. It's like selling a

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I know. It's like selling a 1985 ford escort for $15k!

I should get into the illegal gun trade.

thats to damn much

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a tec- 9 aint junk they alright most the ones i ever seen have been full auto their cheap ive never seen one go for so much i could get a mac 10 that shoots 45 for cheaper tec 9s are not the best but they are not the worst i yet to see one semi auto though