Afternoon stabbing in Ashmont

Boston Police are looking for a gray Honda in connection with a stabbing around 1 p.m. at Ashmont St. and Dorchester Avenue. The victim was reportedly stabbed in the back but his injury did not appear to be life threatening.



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First the murder at Savin hill now a stabbing at Ashmont what's next?

whats next

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Some grease for the noisey trolleys at Ashmont so we can duck when we hear the gun shots. Some of that grease they use to grease the palms of the political hacks will do just fine.

I live here and just watch this mess

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Wait till the temp rises! That's when the fun really starts! Let's see children raising children, I bet sec 8 vouchers for single mothers is up.

noisy trollies

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maybe the MBTA can use the same technology it used to muffle the trolley squeals to muffle the sound of gunfire along the red line.