Police: Walking drugstore arrested at JFK/UMass

PaulMBTA Transit Police report arresting a man they say was about to sell some drugs at the JFK/UMass Red Line stop yesterday evening.

Robert Paul, 36, of Roxbury, was allegedly packing meth, pot, heroin, oxycodone and diazepam when two officers interrupted him and a potential buyer near a Columbia Road exit gate around 7:30 p.m. He also had a portable digital scale, a glass pipe and 13 spare plastic bags, along with a folding knife and $237 in cash, police say.

Because the station sits next to the Boston Collegiate Charter School, he will be charged with a variety of offenses in a school zone. He is also wanted on a parole violation in Concord, NH, where he was convicted of armed robbery, police say.

Police say they were drawn to Paul by his potential customer, who appeared in the station sweating profusely, pacing agitatedly, shouting into a cell phone and dry heaving, all signs of a possible addict in search of a fix - at a station that has seen reports of drug sales in recent months:

Soon after the suspect was again seen on the Ashmont Platform, this time with another male, later identified as Paul C. Robert. Both males appeared to look about nervously and upon seeing us Paul stated, "Lets do this over here". Paul and the unidentified male both proceeded to the the bottom of the staircase leading to an exit only gate at Columbia Road. Both Paul and the other male then stood at the bottom of the steps and began looking over the platform in what appeared to be a nervous manner before proceeding up the stairs.

Police say the both men tried to flee, but that only the apparent buyer was able to escape.

Innocent, etc.



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Good job but one stop drug shopping on the subway is not a good sign of times to come.

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intelligence-free legal zone

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In order to impose the extra penalties of a drug free school zone, IMO the state should have to prove that the defendant intended to sell drugs to kids.

Penalties just for being within X feet of a school are ridiculous, especially at 7:30 pm in the summer.

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what a bunch of BS! Thats

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what a bunch of BS! Thats some great police work. looked nervious on a confusing 2 line subway platform(JFK)and looking around anxiously. seriously ! The jfk/umass Station is very confuseing I have gotten mixed up there and ended up in Braintree when i was trying to get to alewife. I still have an anxiety attack from the 4 hour trip. I couldnt imagine having to just get outside having a panic attack and be jumped on by the police. Im not saying he is inoccent. I am saying that its highly suspect as BS.

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