Police looking for man who smacked Silver Line driver in the face with a pipe or flashlight

The MBTA reports the driver of a Silver Line bus was taken to Tufts Medical Center with non-life-threatening "lacerations to the upper lip and eye area" after the attack around 3 p.m. at Washington and Kneeland streets The search for the suspect, who fled the scene, continues.



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Bus Driver beaten again

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It seems a bus driver gets attacked at least once a week, It would be nice to see police on busses


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MOST buses have Cameras. Were they working? or was the MBTA Maintenance Department out to lunch again on this one?

Most of the Silver Line buses

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Most of the Silver Line buses do not have cameras, just the 3 most recent hybrid buses they got last year that are assigned to the Silver Line have them. The dual-mode buses used on the Silver Line Waterfront and the articulated CNG buses used on Silver Line Washington St. do not have cameras.

Several hundred of the non-Silver Line yellow buses do have cameras.

that just doesnt make sense

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That just doesn't make sense. MBTA made a big deal about adding cameras to buses, yet doesnt add them to a route that goes into a 'bad' area of town?!?

Once again T logic doesn't prevail.


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Don't stop attackers from bashing someone in the face with a pipe. Banks have cameras too, but people still rob them all the time.

Thanks, Captain

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Thanks, Captain Obvious.
Cameras help the police catch the d-bags after the fact and thus prevent future attacks.

Can you provide research

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Can you provide research showing that surveillance cameras actually do lead to less crime?