Student robbed, sliced with knife down street from Boston Police headquarters

A student was robbed of cash and then sliced in the hand around 9:10 p.m. at Ruggles and Tremont streets, the latest violent incident within a quick walk of the Boston Police headquarters building.

Police are looking for a black man with a goatee in a dark hoodie, who wielded the knife and who may also be packing a gun, and a black woman, also in a dark hoodie.

There was another two-on-one knifepoint robbery in the lower busway at the Ruggles T stop Sunday night.



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Students Robbed?

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How come this is only newsworthy when white college kids get robbed. Black high school students are robbed on a daily basis in school and on the Orange Line.

College student or high school student?

The news item as written here doesn't say. Adam, do you know where he was a student?

(btw, the news item also doesn't identify the student's race. You seem to have jumped to an assumption.)

Sounds suspicious....

...this guy knows details of the crime not included in the published report. Any Agatha Christie fan knows what this means. ;~}

No idea where she's a student

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However, given that the attack happened outside Northeastern's International Village building and that Northeastern Police were first on the scene, one could make an assumption.

Attacks on black high-school students

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You mean, like this one?

For better or worse, Boston Police do not announce every single A&B in the city. I got "lucky" (not sure it's the right word, but ...) last night because I happened to be listening to the police scanner as the attack was being reported to BPD. It's conspicuous by its absence on