JP man gets stolen bike back - after getting punched in the head

TiradoBoston Police report that when a bicycle rider stopped into Alex's Chimi Restaurant in Hyde Square for some food Friday evening and spotted some guy riding away on his bike, he ran after him - and caught up with him:

As officers got closer, officers observed the male chasing behind the bike (the victim) take a punch to the head just before he regained control of the bicycle.

Carlos Tirado, 24, was charged with armed robbery for the incident shortly after 6 p.m.

Innocent, etc.



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Really not surprised

Tirado's a little mama's boy. Has been since grade school, probably always will be. He's been pulling little punk crap like this for a while and still manages to hide behind mama and abuela's skirts every time. I'm guessing that punch he threw felt like a gnat sneeze and I hope the bike rider gave him a Krypto lock to the head for the trouble.

Seriously, what a little clown. There are a bunch of people who've wanted to give that kid a beating for years. Will be sad if someone beat us to it.

UN-armed robbery

not armed, according to the police report you linked to. (Or did it change after you linked to it?)

Though I'm not sure really how it's a robbery at all. From the description, it sounds like a theft followed by an assault & battery.

Never leave a bike unlocked when running into a store! Even just locking a wheel to the frame would have prevented this ride-away theft.

Welcome to America!

Here, we don't lock up people before they do anything wrong...well, we didn't before 9/11 and indefinite detention was sanctified at Guantanamo Bay...ok, at least not since the 1940s anyways. So, I guess I can see why you might be confused with all of the conflicting actions of our federal government. Anyhow, on the more local level, you only get locked in a cage after a trial where we determine that you did something against the law. You can't prevent a crime that hasn't happened yet without locking us all up.