Man on bike hit by car, then shot by one of its occupants

Boston Police are looking for a gray hatchback, possibly a Prius or a Mazda 5, for a shooting this afternoon on Harold Street near Homestead Street in Roxbury.

Police say the vehicle may have some scratches on the front from where it hit the bicycle before the shooting.

Police say the victim, 20, was taken to Brigham and Women's Hospital and is expected to survive.



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What's the status of the victim?

Hope he survives, and that they find the perp.


Agreed. I hope he pulls through. This likely qualifies at the actual worst day of his life.

I'm curious to see where the usual UHub bikes v. cars debaters take this one.


This sounds personal

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As in "started somewhere before this and didn't involve a bike or a car".


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Ever get knocked off your bike and shot? I didn't say you were a "gangbanger".


im pretty sure it wasnt. That

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im pretty sure it wasnt. That area is part of the H-Block gang and im sure if someone is getting shot it was someone who KNEW that they didnt want him there


What an asshole!

Some cyclist piss me off too. I'm not about to get out of a car and shoot one. What kind of asshole hits a person with a car, then gets out and shoots them? Jerk.

boston gangs

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does anyone remember a pbs (frontline?) doc about boston's inner cities from the late 80s? i remember seeing it and i think it was when humbolt and castlegate gangs were the big players in the crack/murdering business? ive never been able to find it so im just wondering if anyone remembers it?