West Roxbury convenience store robbed at gunpoint

Boston Police report the Tedeschi store at 7 Spring St. was robbed this morning by a gun-toting man who knocked the clerk to the ground in a struggle before grabbing money out of the register.

Police say a thin white man about 6' and in his mid 20s entered the store around 5:15 a.m., showed a gun and demanded money. After the struggle, the man, dressed in a black hoodie, drove away in a black Ford Ranger pickup, police say. The clerk suffered a minor injury but declined medical attention, police say.



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One block away...

This is disturbing. Very disturbing. This is my neighborhood...

And with all of the news I am hearing about from my former neighborhood, the Bexley/Florence Street section in Roslindale, with the graffiti, stabbing at the gas station, I am concerned.

I guess I need to stay vigilant and lock the doors.

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Break in on Temple st.

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My immediate neighbor on temple st. had their house burglarized last week.

wtf is going on....

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..first I've heard of break-ins around this neighborhood and I've been on Sanborn for almost 20 yrs.

They're very nice at the Spring St Tedeschi's. I hope the clerk is ok.

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This source maps out crime:

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This source maps out crime: https://www.crimereports.com/ I entered West Roxbury,MA and choose a two month time period to get an overview. Then you can click on an item and get detail.

1/30 The Breaking & Entering on Temple St 6:30. It looks like it was on the end near Varick and Vermont.

1/31 Pickpocket at Roche Bros

2/6 Bloody bar fight at Corrib

2/11 Tedeschi's armed robbery 5:30AM 7 Spring. What's troubling about this crime is the hand gun. Anyone know when E-5 does a shift change? I frequently see patrol cars parked in Tedschi's lot or driving by. I'm curious to know if this armed robbery was driven by greed, poverty or drug addiction.

There were some burglaries of small businesses in the blocks around Tedeschi's, the intersection of Spring & Centre, late last fall. Arrests were made. It was a few unemployed 20-somethings

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