Two robbed at gunpoint on either side of JFK/UMass T stop

Boston Police tonight are searching for a group of men who may be responsible for armed holdups on Mt. Vernon Street by the McCormack School and on Grant Street on the other side of the Expressway.

Police were looking for five white guys - two in their 20s, three in their teens - for a robbery around 10:15 p.m. by the McCormack School. All were dressed in black with black hoodies. About 25 minutes later, somebody reported being held up at gunpoint on Grant Street - on the other side of the Expressway - by two white guys dressed in black, one displaying a gun.



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Sudden flare up of crimes in the Savin Hill Area

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There's been a sudden flare up on crimes like this in the Savin Hill area, where it's been relatively peaceful for a while. It baffles me that crooks are trying stuff like this in a neighborhood where cops with young families live. It's well patrolled. A 911 call gets a pretty big response. It's well patrolled. Are people getting that desperate?

out of towners?

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I would guess they came from outside the Boston area thinking that it'll be easier to commit crime in the big city and get away from it. Some of the other crimes reported in UH (such as people robbing banks in areas with lots of cops) would make me thing they're people who aren't familiar with the city.

....but they targeted a

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....but they targeted a street along the subway and under a highway where it is a lil easier to flee....perhaps they see that stretch of the DOT on the redline?