Two stabbed in large melee along Malcolm X Boulevard

Stanley Staco reports a brawl that started around 9:20 p.m. at Tremont and Parker streets spread down Malcolm X to Washington Street, where two people wound up stabbed before Boston and Transit Police moved in en masse and shut the street as they cleared fighters and investigated the stabbings.



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Roxbury Riot

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Two stabbed several injured in wild riot but no media coverage and no outrage. Last year a girl fight at Carson Beach sparked a massive police response that lasted all summer.

The good people of Southie

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The good people of Southie were outraged when it happened in their neighborhood and because of the outrage, it created a story for the media. The question should be why isn't the community and the politicians bent out of shape over this incident? If the community groups starting raising hell over it then the media would have a story to follow. Roughly 80% of the shootings happen in Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan and this happens year in and year out. The real question is why is this accepted behaviour? If it isn't accepted then where is the outrage?

The Globe knows all

By on reports a fight but no injuries and no arrests. It will be interesting to see who has the story correct

I'm sure this brawl did not

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I'm sure this brawl did not get much media coverage at all. I am all for equal representation of ALL neighborhoods in the news.
This is something not new to this block or even this area. These were alot of young kids . Where are there parents ?? This is something that will probably happen again until something is done about children raising children. Parenting classes, work shops , back to work programs would be a great idea for these communities.

Wait what?

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This is my neighborhood. I was home at the time, about 500 feet from that intersection. I didn't know anything about this until I saw it here, if that suggests anything about the magnitude of it.

Still, this is hardly a common occurrence here, and most of my neighbors are employed people who are doing quite a nice job parenting their children if they have them. Yes, this is a mixed-income neighborhood, so there's poverty and other issues, and I fully support programs to help people who need it, but please don't paint us as a neighborhood where we let our kids run amok and are used to having street brawls. Clearly you haven't spent much time here.

State vs. city jurisdiction.

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State vs. city jurisdiction. Guess which one the mayor has an easier time telling the local lapdog media to ignore stories on? If the mayor wants to make a neighborhood look like a nice place which he has invested a lot of financial and political capital in of course any negative stories about the neighborhood is going to get hushed up.

The Madison Park/East Boston

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The Madison Park/East Boston boys highschool basketball game was just getting out at that time at Madison Park. East Boston won with a basket at the buzzer in overtime. The entire area was full of police officers during and after the game. There was no need for them to move in en masse, because they were already there, en masse.

The Globe changes its tune

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The Globe is now reporting that a kid was allegedly stabbed during the riot. They also report several people were allegedly arrested.