Police: Hamburglars find themselves in a pickle, under arrest outside Dorchester McDonald's

Boston Police report arresting three men at the McDonald's on Dorchester Avenue last night on charges they stuck up a somebody who'd bought one one of them a cheeseburger.

Police say Jerome Young, 38, of Dorchester was standing outside the McDonald's around 10:35 p.m. when he asked a person going in to buy him a cheeseburger. Amazingly, the person did just that and came outside with it:

At that time, Jerome Young and the two other bicycle-riding suspects surrounded the victim. Young then demanded the victim's money, made threats to assault and displayed a knife. Young proceeded to take money out of the victim's pocket.

Young and his one of his two alleged wards, both 18, tried to hightail it out of the area on bicycles, but were unable to pedal fast enough to evade police. The third was arrested at the McDonald's entrance, police say.

Young was charged with armed robbery, threateds and unlawfully carrying a dangerous weapon. Joshua Madison and James Martin, both also from Dorchester, were charged with armed robbery joint venture.

Police say officers returned the victim's money.

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maybe he was hoping his victim found the winning lottery ticket inside?

Stopped into the McD's on

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Stopped into the McD's on Gallivan Blvd with my son one night after a late hockey practice and there was a homemade-looking sign on the wall with a picture of a guy with a ski mask on and a handwritten note saying "No ski masks allowed in store." We haven't rushed back there, but we still get a chuckle every time we drive by.

Its really sad you cant even

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Its really sad you cant even take your children to mcdonalds without some punkswho dont want to get a job trying to rob u for doing a good deed.