Man shot in chest in Dorchester

Boston Police are at Wrentham Street by Florida Street, where officers found a man with a gunshot wound to the chest around 4:15 p.m.

The suspect is described as a black man, 5'8" with cornrows, wearing a long-sleeved, navy plaid shirt.



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Funny thing about UHub....

A cop puts his hand around someone's throat or someone complains about a sign font and the comments and bickering go on for days. Then when our erstwhile webmaster bothers to put up stories about the almost daily violence in Dorchester and Mattapan and complete silence.

Just sayin..

Not Important enought

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Dot and the Bury are flyover country for most UHub people. Florida and Wrentham, so glad where I used to bike is beoming early 1980's Beirut.


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They're concerned about the way police resources are used to protect tea-bagging Republicans from dissenting views, instead of being put to use on the streets that need it most?

Funny how "dissent is the

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Funny how "dissent is the highest form of patriotism" until it ruffles your political feathers. Then all of a sudden political diversity is a bad thing and needs to be silenced for the greater good. The same cops were protecting the OWS crowds only a few months ago.


Because we saw a TON of cops grabbing bankers by the throats and pushing them away from the OWS camp to "protect" the protesters. Riiiiight...

Key words being...

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"almost daily." I mean--what's to say? What would you like anyone to say? What do YOU have to say? When something happens "almost daily" it stops being noteworthy. The other key word being "bickering"--would you like us to "bicker" about the causes of urban violence, the drug trade, whether or not anyone might actually be able to ID said perp, whether navy blue plaid is the new thing for spring? Seriously, I take your point but what hand-wringing, commentary or wisdom are you looking for exactly?

Is the meaning of "just sayin"

lost on you? If I was looking for something I would have said it. It was merely an observation. And if you've ever read any of my previous comments, I've had plenty to say about it.

Also, I'm glad that the fact that you feel that daily violence in the most ignored areas of our city is not "noteworthy" to you, so I ask; what is? Another story about a group of hipsters who want to rename another Boston neighborhood SO-whatever?

It's lost on me

Could you explain what you mean by "just sayin?"

It appears to mean "I'm going to be a dick and accuse people of shit, but you're not allowed to talk back because because I have a magic phrase," but I'm interested to hear if you meant something different with it.


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You're not really offering anything useful, just observing that the rest of us are a bunch of hopelessly callow hipsters while you have your compassionate thumb on the pulse of the suffering neighborhoods of Boston?Uh...thanks for that. I'm sure all of Dorchester is grateful. My point again, since you seem to have missed it the first time, is not that violence is not noteworthy, but that a thing that happens every day ceases to be news, no matter what it is. Not to mention, most of don't feel qualified or compelled to comment on such a story--again, what's to say? This sucks? Hope they catch the guy who did it? I think I saw a guy in plaid at Appleby's last night? Sheesh.

Now, now...

Did I say that I feel that "the rest of us are a bunch of hopelessly callow hipsters"? Again,if I felt that way I would have said it.

Was I claiming to offer anything useful? No. Though I suppose if you lived in a neighborhood where you have to worry about your four year old catching a stray every now and again, maybe you'd be a little more "compelled to comment on such a story".

Now if you'd like we can debate either the merits of Lana Del Rey as a serious artist or how closely the protagonists in Lena Dunham's "Girls" resemble people you actually know!! You know, if you're looking to debate the things hipsters seem to care about nowadays...


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You don't seem to have anything to say about this particular story. Neither do I. The only difference is that I don't feel compelled to berate anyone about their unwillingness to editorialize about a neighborhood shooting. And yes, thanks, I do actually live in the city, in a neighborhood that sees its fair share of violent crime. My sister lives less than two blocks from the corner of Wrentham and Florida. Does that earn me enough cred so that I'm allowed NOT to comment on every story about urban violence? Because really--I'm happy to leave you the field. I'll stick to bike lanes and neighborhood grocery stores.


When did Adam retire from running UHub?

Perhaps Adam presents news items that are important to know about -- but which are not suited to chatting about?

Ok, I'll bite...

I live in Dorchester. It would, depending on the timing of the lights, take me two or three minutes to walk to the scene of the shooting. Here are my two cents:

Crime, especially violent crime, is not something I want in my neighborhood. But, I don't feel any less safe in Dorchester than I have living in other neighborhoods in Boston and some surrounding cities. Since moving to Boston almost ten years ago, I think there has been a murder within a few minute's walk from pretty much everywhere I have lived, including the "nice" neighborhoods I lived in. I'm glad that Adam posts these incidents because I think people should be aware what's going on in their city, but I'm not sure how much there is to argue about or how many original comments can be made.

uHub doesn't approve new users for Dorchester

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I live on Wrentham. The neighborhood is generally good. The last week or so there has been some curious activity around that corner. Neighbors will go back to calling the police every time a kid with cornrows walks by and the neighborhood will be safe again. Is that profiling? Does it matter if kids can walk to/from their bus stops?

Hey neighbor

I live not too far from you and I want to second your view that we live in a pretty good neighborhood.

thumbs up.

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I live near here, too (though across Dot Ave), and I'd say that this part of the city is far more neighborhood-y and than any of the other places I've lived in Boston. It's why I bought here, actually.

I'm on Florida...the blood

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I'm on Florida...the blood from the victim is not far from my door. Since we bought a place here several years ago, my wife and I have 'earwitnessed' several shootings in and around the street, eyewitnessed a couple more, and have stumbled across many other crime scenes coming home from work. At this point, sadly, they're more of a nuisance than anything else. Amazing what you can get used to. We could move out, but we've never felt in danger at any time ourselves, day or night. It helps that we don't have kids. Besides, there's more parking here than in Southie and it's a ten minute walk to the Ashmont Grill and the T station. So it's a great place to live...if you can get 'used' to people killing themselves in front of your house for no good reason.

Hi neighbors

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I am so angry about this. Why do I have to get used to shootings and blood on the sidewalk? At least the victim survived and it doesn't sound like it was 14 year olds, but I was at the back of the building with my neighbor and her little girls when it happened. Why do they have to grow up and get used to it or leave the city?


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I LIVE ON WRENTHAM ST usually safe...but in the past 2 years. there have been a girl raped..a boy stabbed..,two shot one killed..another gunned down...a group of over 20 teens go after one...its not the same and theres no where in dot safe...florida st 5 years ago a cop on xmas eve was shot in his own home...2 years before that a teen was shot and killed at 7pm on mothers day on florida st...muggings are a weekly thing...drug deals every night..the only one solved was the nahant ave irish guy...and only after the 17 yr old shot another person...DORCHESTER IS A FAR CRY FROM MAYBERRY...NOT MUCH BETTER THAN A FREAKING WAR ZONE

Last night

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I live on Florida St. and heard 4 more shots ring out last night right around midnight. Then all night long I saw and heard the cruisers drive up and down the street. I have not seen anything or heard anything about last night. And reading about this incident 2 days ago was the first I heard about that! It is very upsetting that none of these incidents are made out to be something. I understand most of the parties involved are not inocent people but everyone who lives around them might be. And that is more than upsetting!

Mayors Against Illegal Guns

Illegal guns used for violence plague US cities including Boston.

Over 600 mayors including Tom Menino and Mike Bloomberg have joined together to propose changes to Federal gun law that will help reduce illegal guns. Do you support their efforts? More here.