Shot in the stomach

Boston Police are at 65 McLellan St., where somebody was found on the porch with a gunshot wound to the stomach shortly after 1:30 p.m.



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Gun control does nothing to

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Gun control does nothing to stop criminals for getting and using firearms. All it does is disarm the law abiding population and make the average person more likely to be a victim of violent crime. See the UK, Chicago, Washington D.C. etc. for proof of that.

If you want to stop gun violence, you need to go after the people using them, and that means being harsher on career criminals and creating an environment where neighbors and police have enough of an authoritative presence to deter violence.

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The UK?

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What are you smokin' boy?

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Gun control does nothing

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Gun control does nothing to stop criminals for getting and using firearms.

You really should read the proposed legislation.

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Since most murders here in the United States by handguns, by people who know each other, that's not true. The fact that so many people who have access to handguns who really shouldn't has to do with the fact that the gun laws here in the United States overall are far too lax, thanks to the NRA, an organization that, for the past several decades, has affectively bullied lawmakers out of passing stronger, more affective gun laws, and therefore saving many more lives.

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People can make their own guns, and they do. Some documentaries which have featured gangs such as MS13 have shown it done.

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And some people roll their own cigarettes. Almost none do however.

The problem is there are black market supply chains of legal guns into illegal owners hands. There's no reason why the government should weed them out and put these people and suppliers in jail.

That has nothing to do with legal, responsible gun owners and suppliers.

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Then how do you explain the gun show loophole?

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