Alleged spitting puncher arrested on Silver Line bus

StuartMBTA Transit Police report arresting a homeless man on charges he punched and spit in the face of a Silver Line driver who asked him to pay his fare.

Sean Stuart, 43, was arrested shortly after 10 a.m. at Washington Street and Massachusetts Avenue - after being pulled off the driver by several Boston Police officers, Transit Police say.

According to an MBTA Transit Police report:

As passengers were boarding the bus, a male later identified as Sean Stuart, proceeded on the bus without paying his fare. [The driver] stated to Stuart he needed to pay his fare in order to ride on the bus, Stuart said he did not have any money, and was going to ride the bus without paying. The driver again stated he needed to pay his fare before riding, Stuart now became more physical as he clenched his fists and began to yell at the operator, who was sitting in the driver's seat with his foot on the break and the bus in gear. He stated to Stuart he was going to call the police if he did not exit his bus, Stuart lunged toward the driver and spit directly in his face. Stuart began to physically assault the driver by punching him and grabbing a hold of him, blocking the door to the bus preventing any passengers to enter or exit. Passengers on board the bus became afraid for his as well as their own safety and began screaming for help. A Boston Police Officer who was working a paid detail at the location observed the commotion and proceeded to the bus. Multiple Boston Police units arrived and had to physically remove Stuart.

Innocent, etc.

Police hunt two for spitting at T driver, then threatening him.



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bus drivers need protection

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wait till the fare hikes go into effect. wasn't a t-employee beaten unconscious at north quincy station about a week ago. How bad is it for the drivers and don't other cities enclose the area around the drivers to protect them.

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NYC has a pilot program to

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NYC has a pilot program to install shields around the bus driver area on a few buses. I don't know of any other American transit systems that do this.

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Milwaukee has some buses with

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Milwaukee has some buses with shields like that. They were installed after a number of high profile incidents where drivers were threatened or beaten, like this situation.

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Who goes in the cage?

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Instead of protecting bus drivers by putting cages around them, why not protect everybody by using the cages to house those who have demonstrated an inability to live among civilzed people? I'll guarantee you that this isn't this guy's first contact with the criminal justice system.

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