And this is why your mother told you not to pick up hitchhikers

Boston Police report arresting a Weymouth woman on charges she used a knife to rob a man who'd picked her up hitchhiking on Blue Hill Avenue last night.

According to police, the man stopped for the woman shortly after 11 p.m. and agreed to give her a ride to Bowdoin and Hendry streets in Dorchester:

The victim stated when he stopped to let her out of his motor vehicle, the suspect reached into his inside jacket pocket. The victim stated the suspect then brandished a knife and took his wallet. The victim stated the suspect took an undetermined amount of cash from the wallet and then returned the wallet.

Officers canvassing the area quickly found a woman matching the suspect's description inside 37 Hendry St. The knife she was holding in her hand aided in their identification, police say.

Audrey Martin, 52, was arrested and changed with armed robbery, assault by means of a dangerous weapon and breaking and entering.

Innocent, etc.



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      I don't usually pick up

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      I don't usually pick up hitchhikers, but when I do... it's on Blue Hill Ave

      My grandfather once told me and my family a horrific story about

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      My grandfather once told me and my family a horrific story about a friend who picked up a hitchhiker, back in the early 1960's. No sooner were they on the road, the driver noticed that the hitchhiker who he'd picked up had a sledgehammer, which he was going to hit my grandfather's friend on the head with. Seeing this, my grandfather's friend put his hand up to his head, sustaining permanent damage to his hand, which was permanently deformed as a result of being hit with the sledge hammer by the hitchhiker that he'd picked up. Better the hand than the head, right?

      Wow. Bet this guy was hoping

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      Wow. Bet this guy was hoping to get lucky, because otherwise who picks up hitchhikers (or hitchhikes) these days? I remember that you used to see the odd person thumbing a ride 30+ years ago, but I haven't seen anyone doing this in decades.

      Rural areas...

      I always see people in Maine and New Hampshire (excuse me, New Hampster) who're thumbing a ride. AT hikers looking to get into town for food and such, cyclists who've run into trouble, and people who are just plain lost or trying to get somewhere. Still not the safest means of transport, but hey.

      Stories like this ruin

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      Stories like this ruin hitchhiking for the rest of us.

      Can there be a universalhub story the next time someone hitchhikes in Boston without anything bad happening?

      A thumb goes up, a car goes

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      A thumb goes up, a car goes by
      It's nearly 1 a.m. and here am I
      Hitchin' a ride, hitchin' a ride
      Gotta get me home by the morning light

      Twain said it best

      Only four days ago, right in the next farm house to the one where I am spending the summer, a grandmother, old and gray and sweet, one of the loveliest spirits in the land, was sitting at her work, when her young grandson crept in and got down an old, battered, rusty gun which had not been touched for many years and was supposed not to be loaded, and pointed it at her, laughing and threatening to shoot. In her fright she ran screaming and pleading toward the door on the other side of the room; but as she passed him he placed the gun almost against her very breast and pulled the trigger! He had supposed it was not loaded. And he was right--it wasn’t. So there wasn’t any harm done. It is the only case of that kind I ever heard of.
      -Mark Twain

      A stupid joke, nonetheless, especially because

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      there've been some horrific stories in real life, where one kid who's playing around with a firearm, jokingly holds the gun to a sibling, says "bang bang" and pulls the trigger, is unaware that the gun really is loaded, and ends up killing his or her sibling. Rather scary, imo.