Two shot in Mattapan; at first, police could find neither victims nor witnesses

Boston Police report two men were shot in the same incident outside 30 Hopewell Road last night.

Police say the two were shot around 10:10 p.m. One of the victims, 26, told police he heard multiple gunshots, then realized at least one of them had hit him.

When police first arrived on the scene, they found neither victims nor witnesses, but did find "ballistic evidence" at Hopewell and Osceola. Police say an unknown person scooped up both victims and drove them to Carney Hospital. Both are expected to survive, police say.

The shooting scene is a few blocks away from where a man was fatally shot last month.



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Craiggles Reading Comprehension PHAIL

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Much as I hate to rain on your cynical parade, nothing in the article above nor in the police report indicates any effort by the victims to decieve or misdirect. They weren't at the scene when the police arrived because they got someone to drive them to the flippin' hospital right away - like any sane person would.

I don't know if Adam had conversations with the police that added more detail than the report - I suppose the phrasing he used might be read as implying an unusual gap in comprehension by victim#1. The police report simply says one victim told them he was outside when the shots were fired and started to run (away) when he realized he had been hit.

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No, I wasn't trying to imply anything, subtly or otherwise

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My post is based entirely on the BPDNews one. I just found it unusual that police responded to a shooting scene and then found nobody there, only some shell casings.

It is a little sad that no witnesses came forward (relatively quiet residential area at night, nobody heard anything?) when all the blue lights started flashing outside, but hardly unique.

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Failure indeed.

That was my lowest SAT score

(also I missed the bpd link entirely)

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More common than you think

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It's pretty common for a gunshot victim to not realize he or she has been hit for a while; a bullet that passes cleanly through doesn't deliver much of a jolt, and if it doesn't hit a heavily vascularized area there isn't going to be a lot of bleeding for a while. Couple of minutes later, the pain starts to set in and the person realizes what's up.

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