Man shot in Dorchester

Boston Police are investigating a shooting shortly after midnight on Homes Avenue between Topliff and Geneva.

Brian D'Amico reports several shots were fired at the victim before one hit.



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I hope

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Brian is ok...

Brian is fine

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Unlike my writing skills. I've changed "him" to "the victim."

Trying to kill me off, Adam?

Trying to kill me off, Adam?

Sounded like the bad guys were persistent even if their aim was poor, tried shooting him in the back of the place (from the ballistic evidence they were securing back there) then ultimately shot him elsewhere (I assume in front or inside the building). The Homicide unit was handling this investigation.

A little later in the night 2 walk in shooting victims arrived at Tufts, claiming they were shot at the same scene, so hopefully BPD puts out a release soon confirming whether or not they were all shot on Holmes Ave.