Police bust up alleged after-hours druggie sex den in Charlestown

Boston Police report arresting five people "in various levels and forms of undress" on drug charges at a Sullivan Square home early this morning. A sixth person was arrested on a warrant for motor-vehicle violations.

Police say 87 Cambridge St. had become a place where those in the know could buy drugs and partake of "sexually-themed instruments and costumes."

Police say three of the men arrested are employees of the Centerfolds strip club in Chinatown; one woman found in the house might have ties to an escort service.

In addition to the sex gear, police say they also found drugs, digital scales, spoons, syringes, cell phones and plastic bags. Also seized, police say, a flyer reading "Come party with us. $5 at the door."

Those charged: Cortney Bergstom, 25, of Woburn, possession of a Class A and Class B drugs; James Imbert, 25, possession of a Class B drug with intent to distribution, Marcus Smith, 19, possession of a Class B drug with intent to distribute and an outstanding drug warrant; Toni Janton, 18, an outstanding warrant related to a violation of the motor vehicle laws; Luis Viaud, 22, possession of a Class B drug with intent to distribute and an outstanding drug warrant; Hendricks Berdet, 25, possession of a Class B drug with intent to distribute.

Innocent, etc.



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    Poor Toni

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    Trying to have a good time and those unpaid parking tickets come back to bite her in the ass. Anybody know what the Class A,B,etc on drugs stand for?

    Class A Substances include

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    Class A Substances include Heroin & other opiates such as Morphine; some designer drugs such as GHB; and Ketamine (Special K).

    Class B Substance include Cocaine; prescription opiates such as Oxycontin, Oxycodone (Percodan/Percocet),and Codiene, Methadone; LSD; MDMA; Ecstasy (XTC); PCP; Amphetamines (speed) ; & Methamphetamine (meth).

    For posession w/ intent to distrbute, both carry a maximum sentence of up to 2 yrs. If they've already been convicted for intent to distribute then minimum sentencing goes up to 5 yrs for Class A and 2 yrs for Class B.

    Source: http://www.masscriminaldefense.com/dealing.htm

    Not quite right on those penalties

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    The penalties listed on this comment and that link are way off in a number of different ways.

    Possession with intent to distribute a class A substance carries a sentence of up to 2 1/2 years in the House of Correction, OR up to 10 years in state prison (if the case is indicted and proceeds in the Superior Court). A subsequent offense carries five to fifteen in state prison (and that can only happen in Superior Court)

    Possession with intent to distribute a class B substance carries a sentence of up to two 1/2 years in the House of Correction, OR up to ten years in state prison (if the case is indicted and proceeds in the Superior Court). A subsequent offense carries 3 to 10 in state prison, unless it's cocaine at which point it's 5 to 10 years in state prison (which, again, requires an indictment in Superior Court).

    G.L. c. 94C, ss. 32 & 32A have all the gory details.

    Class B probably doesn't try

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    Class B probably doesn't try very hard. It could be a class A but why bother, at least its not a class C.

    "levels and forms", hee

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    "various levels and forms of undress"

    I like how that's various levels AND forms of undress :)

    Does it matter?

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    OK, it's admittedly kinda funny that there were naked people and sex gear, but the only crime here is drugs. It borders on harassment (on the part of the arresting officers) to mention the type of consensual and legal expression of sexuality in the report on illegal drug activity.

    We're only a few decades away from when it was acceptable for the police to raid licensed bars because same-sex dating and hand-holding was taking place, and queer bashing by police still takes place covertly. I'm just not OK with information about legal sexual expression mentioned in the police report and the trial so that it can be used to influence people's views of these alleged drug sellers. I hope the case gets thrown out because of this, which would suck if these people were in fact selling illegal drugs in our communities.

    Deep in the heart of East Somerville

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    That's a good half mile from anywhere in Charlestown.

    Something I've discovered recently is that Google will highlight the borders of any town, county, state, or country, and even Boston neighborhood that you search for in Google maps, at least in "Street View"

    So here are the boundaries of "Charlestown, MA":


    Of course that's just what Google thinks and who knows where they get the data from to determine neighborhood boundaries, so it may fuel more disagreements than it settles, but I thought it interesting.

    Interesting feature. However,

    By anon on

    Interesting feature. However, google thinks Back Bay includes the West End. What's the the definitive boundary marker of a neighborhood? Street cleaning signs? Anyone know?

    You probably did actually mean Somerville

    but the Google map boundary is correct here. Somerville ends in the backyards of the houses on Mt. Pleasant Street, and in the middle of Crescent Street. Everything east of there is in the city of Boston (and therefore technically part of Charlestown).

    BPD trumps Google Maps, I believe

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    Since they made the arrests and the people arrested will be arraigned today in Charlestown District Court.

    In any case, looks like Google is using the BRA maps, at least based on their Roslindale outline, which, like the BRA, says Roslindale ends just a couple of blocks from Cleary Square.

    But, yeah, it never ends. The other day, I was at the City Council when they started talking about redistricting. Steve Murphy, who supports a plan that would move three of Matt O'Malley's precincts into Rob Consalvo's district, started talking about just where the boundary is between JP and Roslindale in Forest Hills, and O'Malley (who lives in JP but grew up on the Roslindale part of Centre Street by West Roxbury) just started shaking his head.

    Maybe we should just define things by their relationship to squares. Seems less controversial - and as a bonus would still be just as perplexing to out of towners.

    Except there aren't squares any more

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    They've all become, Soviet-style, "villages."

    I know there are more pressing matters but I would love to see Menino's successor rescind this as the first act as new mayor.

    Bring back the squares!!!!

    Little Charlestown

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    The area in question is referred to by Townies ( Charlesown residents who were born and raised in Charlestown / an endangered species) as "little Charlestown. And you yuppies would have no way of knowing this but they are/ were very proud people and had some of the strongest neighborhood loyalty found anywhere....if you told a male Townie from little CHarlestown..... That he wasn't from Charlestown or that his area of the hood should be called " fake Charlestown" he'd probably deck you with a left right combo.

    Was this meant for me?

    I'm not sure where you get the idea that I'm a yuppie or am not familiar with the meaning of townie. Why don't you reserve your indignation for the people who think the area is in Somerville. Or better yet, take the indignation and shove it where the Sun doesn't shine.

    Another Interesting Feature

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    So, I just went to check this out, mapping "Dorchester" (which I slightly disagree with, but not the point of this comment) and I found out something else interesting, which maybe all of you knew about and just weren't telling me. If you hover over a T station, then click onto it, it tells you when the next train/trolley is due in either direction.

    I find that tremendously cool.


    Nothing new

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    It's been showing scheduled times for a few years, when they added "by Public Transit" to direction-finding. I think they've also added the GTFS-realtime data more recently, with estimated arrival times.

    That bar

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    That one bar over there calls it the end of the world. I tend to agree.

    Good donuts. I have actually

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    Good donuts. I have actually gotten on the T at Oak Grove and got off at Wellington to get donuts there.

    It looks like this may be

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    It looks like this may be subsidized housing so the gov't is paying most of the rent for the place.