Woman stabbed to death in South Boston

Updated Saturday morning.

A woman found with a stab wound at 242 E. 9 St., around 8:30 p.m. died after being taken to Boston Medical Center, Boston Police report.

Sara Kelly, 20, was arrested and charged with her murder, police say, adding the two "were known to each other."

The Herald reports another woman was taken into custody and that the victim leaves five children. Friends of her children identified her as Shannon McCormick.

McCormick is South Boston's fourth murder victim this year. On May 27, two people were stabbed to death and their Linsky Barry Court apartment set on fire. On April 16, a woman was stabbed to death on E. 7 St.



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Just another episode of envy

Just another episode of envy from people who don't know what love is. May God our almighty father in heaven in the name of Jesus rest the precious soul of the mother of five children in heavenly peace and protect her loving children from all harm and filthy devilsh and pothetic evil lurking in Southie.......... Just don't ever forget one greatful thing about South Boston YOU can take one "o" out of good for luck when you beleive for one solitary second of your sick mind and forget this message > God Does Not Sleep.......................

To all those who kill and harm another life.... Go home To HELL where you need to be where your master awaits you................ May God Bless South Boston Land Where my Grand- Father died and land of Love if you let it be.... Bless yourself in the waters and be glad you are born free......... a native american speaking on behalf of Southie and all those from 1974 who knew love and lost it on a two way street..... God Bless!

let's keep the focus

I was in Bell's yesterday and met this girl's sister. We started talking and I told her my mom was murdered in Andrew Sq . inside her home. What a crazy conversation. What ever happened to trading stupid stories about your dog or kids? We have come to this in our hometown? Pretty sad.......


"Hayley Nee, an 18-year-old woman at the scene, said the stabbing victim was her mother, Shannon McCormick, 38."


Yeah, u mad.

Next time you're stuck in traffic commuting from your suburban hell, think of me walking care free to work every morning. Don't worry about me, or southie, you're just not that important to us.