Guy with slurred speech gets lots of painkillers in Cleveland Circle CVS holdup

Percocet ladHand over the Percoshets and make it shnappy.

Boston Police report they are looking for a guy who told workers at the CVS at 1927 Beacon St. on Saturday afternoon that he had a gun in his messenger bag and wanted all their Percocet 30s.

Police say he didn't get any Percocet pills, but did walk out of the drug store with 900 Oxycodone pills, 100 Dilaudid pills and 10 Fentanyl patches.

Police say he was 5'8" and in his early 20s with a thin build. In addition to his Red Sox cap and white striped jacket, he wore white shoes. And his speech was slurred.



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Good time for a sugar pill?

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Wouldn't keeping on hand a bottle of fakes pills just for this sort of "customer" be a good idea? Guy leaves the store, you lock the door behind him and call the police...Particularly this joker was probably so high he'd have never noticed.

good idea but it will never fly

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How do you think you would work out a system where the FDA would allow pills that are properly labeled and look exactly like the real thing to be manufactured and stored on the shelves with the actual drugs?

The risks are far too high for an innocent person to get ineffective pills when compared to the benefit of thwarting a few robberies. Besides, most of those drugs enter the street market from legal prescriptions from shady "pain clinics" anyway.

On the other hand

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The risks are far too high for an innocent person to get ineffective pills

The "placebo effect" may work just as well...

Spoken like a lucky man

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Who has never known the type of pain that requires such painkillers.

May you never find out first hand. You don't want to know.


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I am aware of that effect.

However, many people who are prescribed painkillers receive them because another pill, like tylenol or ibuprofen, doesn't cut it anymore.

Why wouldn't they receive that benefit from a placebo effect with an NSAID?

I personally despised having to take narcotics and would do much short of doing so before I finally had surgery to eliminate the problem. I've had root canals and dental implants and bike wrecks and never even filled the damn scripts! I sincerely doubt the "placebo effect" is of any value to post-surgical patients and people for whom other pills have no benefit.

Thinking otherwise can be very dangerous to people's health. People in pain can get into serious trouble due to inability to breathe properly or relax and let their body function properly. Like,I hope you don't get Rent-a-Nurse Ratched at Lahey clinic, who would rather give lectures about "pain means you are healing" than call in for pain killers in a patient who is gasping for breath due to chest pain. (on the advice of my surgeon boss, I swiped my loved one's surgeon's beeper number for just such occasions ...)

Like I said - you are naive. A few years and miles on your feet and you won't be glibly posting generic articles like this.

You're getting way too into this

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Someone proposed a situation that might result in people being given placebos without them knowing. In other words, just like a clinical trial.

And read the article before spouting off.

In Florida

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they don't use sugar pills, they have a firearm hidden behind the counter.

900 Oxycodone pills, 100 Dilaudid pills and 10 Fentanyl patches!

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1) When he demanded clerks hand over the stuff, did he pronounce over as 'ov-ah'?

2) Did cops check MaryAnns next door?

3) Did he make his escape on the B,C or D line?

Skinny young white dude with a new era red sox cap, adidas jacket, white sneakers and slurred speech. Yeah, he'll be easy to catch in Boston.


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He's rocking the Fenway scalper uniform and OC habit. Classic Boston.


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Percocet not Percoshet

Bad joke

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He had slurred speech. Hence the "make it shnappy" line as well.


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That kind of looks like white Sob Story guy. Maybe he got enough for his bed in Framingham or whatever and made a pit stop.

Swear I saw this guy...

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with his equally drugged out slurry girlfriend a few weeks ago at the CVS in Coolidge Corner trying to get painkillers but there was some problem with his prescription or he had maxed his limit or something. I had the misfortune of being in line behind him at the pharmacy counter at the time. He was surprisingly not mean or angry at the pharmacist but they both seemed pretty desperate.