Police: Man uses blood-filled needle in fight with booze-seeking minors at Forest Hills station

Jose SolerMBTA Transit Police report two minors trying to procure some mid-day booze at a Forest Hills liquor store wound up in a fight with a guy who jabbed himself with a needle, pulled out some blood and then told them they'd better back off because he has AIDS.

Police say Jose Soler, 47, of Hyde Park, originally agreed, shortly after 1 p.m. yesterday, to buy some liquor for a pair of underagers at the Forest Hills Liquor Mart across from the T stop. They gave him $25 and agreed to let him keep $5 as his fee. But he returned to the station without liquor, handed the teens only $3 and then walked into the station's lower busway. And that's when things got ugly:

[The two] stated they were going to beat Soler up if he didn't return the money. While in the vicinity of the lower bus way of Forest Hills Station, Soler retrieved a hypodermic needle from his shorts, and used his mouth to pull the cap off. He then stuck the hypodermic needle in his arm, withdrew some of his blood and then pulled it out. The hypodermic needle now contained blood in the tube and on the needle itself. Soler brandished the needle towards and stated "back the fuck off dog! I got AIDS." This caused [them] to back away in fear.

Police say the teens found two MBTA cops on routine patrol inside the station. The officers spotted Soler heading down to the Orange Line platform, with a clenched left fist and a bloody needle in his right. In a report, one of the officers wrote:

I grabbed Soler and told him to drop the needle. Soler dropped a needle that was partially filled with blood. I then placed handcuffs on Soler. At this time he still had his left hand clenched in a fist and I asked him to open up his left fist. Soler complied and I removed $20.00 bill from his hand.

Soler was arrested on a charge of assault by means of a hypodermic needle. Police say that officers searching Soler during booking found two one-dollar bills. Police say Soler told them he simply changed his mind while crossing the street and decided he didn't want to buy the liquor.

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At least he didn't buy those kids booze. That would have been wrong.

Life lessons...

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This is an important life lesson for the kids, and they learned it without suffering dire consequences.

When I was 15, my friends and

When I was 15, my friends and I asked some sketchy character to buy us booze near Central Square. He insisted on walking a few blocks to his favorite liquor store, during which he made up some BS story about escaping a drug raid at his house in Roxbury earlier that day. Gave him $15 to buy us three 40 oz's of malt liquor, which would leave him enough change to buy himself one as well. Dude bought one for us, and kept the rest of the cash. This played a large role in my decision to get a fake ID!!