Teen shot to death in Mattapan

UPDATE: Boston Police report the victim's name was Arthur Stewart.

Brian D'Amico reports a 19-year old was shot around 8:30 on Sanford St. He was taken away in serious enough shape to have the homicide unit called in, just in case.



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What happened?

What happened to the map which shows all of this year's shootings for Boston?

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It's a homicide map, not

It's a homicide map, not shootings. At the top of the page, under the 'r' in Universal Hub, click on 'Crime.'

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Thank you

I had thought there was one which covered just shootings. Must have seen it elsewhere.

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passed away

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i heard through family he has died he is a younger cousin of mine so sad i hope they made a mistake

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Passed away

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The victim, a 19-year-old, has passed away. Also another 19-year-old was killed on Wheatland Avenue in Dorchester two hours prior to the Sanford St shooting.

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Waiting Sadly For This Moment

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With all of the shootings recently, I expected that sooner or later there would be one in my old neighborhood. I used to live just around the corner, on Caddy Road. And I knew the folks who lived in that house. I don't know if the same family was still there.

[Trivia note: That house actually appeared in a movie way back when. "Dealing", starring Barbara Hershey and John Lithgow, among others, had a couple of scenes filmed on Sanford Street.]


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