Holy cannoli: Irishman on holiday charged with holding up all-night Italian bakery in the North End

McTernan A man just arrived from Ireland is charged with stealing a cannoli at knifepoint from Bova's on Salem Street shortly after 3:30 a.m., the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

The DA's office says Robert McTernan, 25, of Newbridge, Ireland, was only a few hours off a plane from the auld sod on the start of a two-week vacation when he walked into the bakery and then into its kitchen, where he grabbed a knife.

He then demanded a cannoli, which an employee handed to him before backing behind a counter. McTernan allegedly told the victim to "shush" and placed his finger to his lips.

The DA's office adds that while McTernan took the cannoli, he may have also tried to leave with the knife - police were unable to find it.

Boston Municipal Court Judge Mark Hart Summerville set bail at $2,000 for a single charge of armed robbery and ordered McTernan to surrender his passport and stay away from Bova's. He is due back in court Sept. 17.

Innocent, etc.



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2 week vacation?

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Something tells me Mr. McTernan had every intention of overstaying his welcome. Times are rough in the auld sod.

John Cannoli for mayor, 2013

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Got a call from a polling firm last night. Wanted to ask being about the race for mayor in 2013. The young woman asked me what my opinions were of a list of possible candidates, Mayor Menino, Ayanna Pressley, John Cannoli, and Rob Cansalvo. John who?, I asked. Turns out questions were about John Connolly and someone named Greg Salto, who was presented as an entrepreneur who wanted to get business moving again or something.

Questions explored utility of statements against Mayor Menino, mostly centered on how long he has been mayor. And then the Hypothetical races between the various candidates. All questions presumed that Menino would run again.

I thought Mike Ross was going to run for mayor?



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When's the Irish gonna learn, you can't come into the Northend by yourself and expect to push your weight around. I bet yah if he just said he was really hungry, he would have been given one. Well, lesson learned...Go back to drinking Guiness, that's like food isn't it?