Man clings to life after Maverick Square stabbing

Maverick stabbing sceneMaverick stabbing scene. Photo by Kevin Franck.

A man was stabbed around 8:30 p.m. in Maverick Square and taken away in such bad shape the homicide unit was called in, just in case.

UPDATE, Thursday, 10p.m.: Boston Police report the victim, stabbed in the stomach, is in critical condition at Mass. General.



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Why is universal hub the only site reporting this? Even when you try to look it up on google this is the only information. As a young woman living just blocks away from the crime scene I find it terrifying that there's no further information out there about this..thanks universal hub for posting this.

First-person account

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Twitter feed, so you'll need to read in reverse order, includes a photo of the victim being wheeled away on a gurney.

Twitter's how I found out about this, no clue why nobody else has picked it up yet.

Well for one is

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Well for one is too busy reporting on more important stuff such as what Tom and Giselle are up to or a the same slide show they showed 8 times in the past three years showing where to get the best burger.

Many crimes

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even violent ones, go unreported. People get violently jumped and assaulted all the time, and it goes unreported by the mainstream media.

Yea nothign is ever on the

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Yea nothign is ever on the news about eastie .. they dont care...
But if there is a creepy guy in the north end its on the news for days...

I want to know whats goign on in my neighborhood!!

Thc universal hub!

No slight

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Of U-Hub, but if you live in Eastie and you've ever walked or driven past the scene in the picture, you already know there's some bad stuff going on in East Boston. The usual crew that hangs around that very spot look like they're already one foot in the grave as it is. Now, what this incomplete story doesn't tell us is if one of the usual denizens of the location jumped an innocent passer by, or if it was an on-going dispute between individuals coming to a head.

How it is the police drive by and see the teetering walking dead on that corner and nobody ever seems to be arrested is beyond me. It is as though the entire Central/Maverick Sq. area has been over run with drug addicts and drunks, and little if any effort is put into remedying the issue.

Central Square Park

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The park in Central Square in East Boston has been overrun with drunks since Day One. That is the only use it has ever had. I recall old Italian drunks lying around there 40 years ago and now it is somewhat younger Latino men, many of whom seem intoxicated and/or drugged out. There is also a smattering of skanky looking middle aged white women, clearly zonked out. The demographic may have changed, but the behavior remains the same. I'm not sure why the police let this behavior flourish in that location.