Silver Line bus driver attacked by two men, one armed with a knife

Stanley Staco reports it happened around 9:10 p.m. at Washington and East Newton streets.

UPDATE, Friday morning: The MBTA reports the driver was spit on, not pummeled, that one man was caught and that he will be summonsed into court.



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As I was riding my Hubway ...

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I petaled right past that. Must have been just after it happened. Two police cars, two buses, and a T supervisor who was having problems making a U turn to get to the scene. I was wondering what all the fruhaha was about.
The T inspector/supervisor in the SUV some how got stuck while trying to make a U turn. Which is too silly. There are 4 full lanes. How can you not figure out how to successfully pull off a U turn with that much room. Not really stuck, per say, but they were going to have to wait for the traffic light to change. Unless they wanted to back up.


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The driver must have 'looked' at them the wrong way.