Man taken to hospital after fending off muggers in Jamaica Plain

Police are looking for three teens who jumped a man on Childs Street just off South Street tonight. They made off with his phone, but he managed to hold onto his backpack.

Tinytomtime reported shortly before 11 p.m.

Three cruisers and a dog going through the area now. Man was just taken away in an ambulance. Victim was up and walking when I saw him. Happened right outside the Agassiz school.



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    I don't think you get it

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    It's illegal to carry pepper spray in MA without the license regardless of where you obtain it. So if you carry it unlicensed and use it on an attacker, you may be arrested as well. In addition, most online sources of pepper spray will not ship to a MA address because of the licensing.

    How do they know?

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    Do they just assume that "certain" people must "always" be the aggressor?

    Or do they just arrest them all and let the court sort it out?


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    Your trust in the police is naive and amusing. Assuming a police officer will act with your best interests at heart is a suckers bet. How about the lady who forgets that it's in her purse when she gets on the T and has her bag searched? I'm sure those T cops will be totally understanding about her unlicensed pepper spray. Perhaps your risk tolerance for this sort of thing is higher than mine, and that's fine. Feel free to run that risk.

    Regardless, the licensing for pepper spray is onerous and should be discontinued.

    And not being able to legally defend yourself

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    Is a good thing to you? What kind of twilight zone do you live in? Criminals and thugs can easily get any kind of weapon and do, but average honest law abiding citizens can not . They must wait for the police to show up and take them to the hospital, write down a report, do a chalk outline of their body.

    You've heard of the old saying: 'Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6'? Do you understand what it means?

    BTW: You have to watch your back in JP. If you need to know why, you're dangerously naive.

    "Criminals and thugs" Thugs

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    "Criminals and thugs" Thugs is just the nicest little code word, isn't it. Covers all sorts of ills, especially when flung from the white-flight suburbs.

    "You've heard of the old saying: 'Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6'? Do you understand what it means?" It means Jethro just got a new bumper sticker at the gun show to go with his new rack and loophole-protected "peacekeeper." Why wait when you can start laying down that wall of suppressing fire immediately?

    You have to watch your back in JP. If you need to know why, you're dangerously naive.
    I'd ask you to elaborate, but you might go into spasms from all the winking and nodding. Let me guess: Does it have something to do with those funny brick buildings on South and Jamaica or near Jackson? Does it have to do with those kids with the funny complexions? Or does it have to do with the dumb, pasty bastards who make a cameo in Black Mass by saying they used to go to church at St. John and lived up on Jamaica Street, but now hassle the barkeep at James's Gate for cigs in between stickups on McBride Street? Now what good, honest, local, lifelong JP "Irish" boys would do such a thing? Maybe the same kids whose parents tell the pastor at St. John's to put on the daylights in the parking lot to blind the neighbors while their kids use the additional light to see where folks are hiding their toll money?


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    Growing up in JP [and Somerville, Allston and NYC/Bronx] my friends were of Italian,Polish,Irish, Ukrainian, French Canadian, Caribbean, and African American background. That's a partial list. I attended a majority Asian [mostly ethnic Chinese] H.S. for 2 years. My own background is a mix of ethnicities.

    I'm Agnostic and completely non-religious.

    I know what it is to have needs and wants unfilled, i.e. to be 'poor'.

    I myself a 'minority' in more than one way, which I won't go into.

    SPARE ME you pretentious, predictable and pompous lecture about bigotry [which apparently you project off yourself, judging by your post, which additionally makes you a hypocrite for lecturing others].

    To answer your question, YES, the projects are a MAJOR source of crime and violence around JP. The skin color [which I never brought up; only your fertile and bigoted imagination brought it up] is neither here nor there. BUT, as police, FBI and DOJ statistics will reflect, yes, young 'urban youth' [the preferred PC phrase] cause very,very disproportionate levels of VIOLENT crime, and even MOST 'gun crime'. Now call me crazy, but I differentiate between a druggie breaking into cars and a guy who jumps random people in the street,delivery people, cab drivers, etc. pistol whips them, stabs them, shoots them dead, for their iphone and few bucks. I'm talking VIOLENT crime, murders, shootings, rapes, etc., But, you already know what I was referring to but choose to twist my words.


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    The "Some of my best friends are Italian, Polish, Irish, Ukrainian, French Canadian, Caribbean, African American, etc..." defense is just about the weakest in a bigot's arsenal.

    That "you have to watch your back in JP" statement with the "you know what I mean" thrown in for good measure was just about the dumbest statement this side of "I own a truck." JP is no different than any other neighborhood in this town. Rozzie has its shootings, W. Rox has its violent crime despite being copland, Charlestown and S. Boston are rife with criminals, the North End still has a rapist at large, Back Bay is good for a few muggings a month. What do you want? That's called living in the city, and you "poor" ass should know better.

    Oh, but you had Chinese classmates, which means you know everything there is to know about the South Street projects (except that they're among the quietest in the city and account for just about zero crime in the area). I'm guessing the drug dealer hideout across from Fordham Court slipped your notice or, as Naranja mentioned, the charter school for burglars and stick-up kids that is McBride Avenue. Love it when those guys stop at the Jeanie for a few pops at 1 p.m. and finish their day in the police briefs. Great bunch of swells, they are.

    But go ahead: You and your white ethnic friends, Chinese classmates and token "Caribbean" (would love to know what you think THAT means, BTW) and AA friends go ahead and bemoan the South Street homes. I'm sure your circle just loves getting lumped into racially and economically charged arguments that make absolutely no sense just so they can be a shield for your "poor" white ass.

    Puerto Rican

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    Dominican and West Indian/Jamaican/Trinidad, is what I mean by Caribbean. As a child and kid we just said 'Spanish', Jamaican, etc., but somewhere a long the line the made-up P.C. word 'Hispanic' came along. I lived mostly in predominately 'Spanish', i.e. 'Hispanic' neighborhoods.

    And yes, I attended for 2 years a predominately Asian H.S., and in Boston, I was assigned to Madison Park.

    You have a MASSIVE chip on your shoulder. And I certainly NEVER said there were no white criminals, bad people, thugs. I did say MOST [literally most; check published crime statistics or open your eyes and deal with REALITY if you live in an urban area [i.e.the city], are committed by young 'urban' youth, including the vast majority of murders and gun related crimes. This is not just true in Boston, it's true across the U.S. urban areas. This is not a racist fantasy of mine, it's a fact. When it's mentioned, some [like you] freak out. I can't help that.


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    > I'd ask you to elaborate, but you might go into spasms from all the winking and nodding.

    Who said that?

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    Because it wasn't me. But since you asked, I think licensing pepper spray is ridiculous and it should be easily available. In fact, I think gun laws in this state need to be relaxed as well. So, yes I feel people should be allowed the means to legally defend themselves and that current MA laws hinder that.

    BTW: How about commenting on what I wrote, not what you wish to project upon me. Then you won't look dangerously stupid.

    It won't happen to ME!

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    I can use my gun or pepper spray. Yes - guaranteed that THREE attackers would run away and not snatch my gun/pepper spray away from me and use my gun/pepper spray on me.

    Yeah - with gun/pepper spray, I become omnipotent in my own mind!

    Why do you mock

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    anyone who *gasp* WANTS TO DEFEND THEMSELVES? Are they supposed to roll over and play dead? Passively submit to a pistol whipping, stabbing, robbery, rape? Really, I don't understand. a gun, knife, etc., are only inanimate objects that can be useful tools, they are not inherently 'bad', and can't be un-discovered or created.

    Vermont has the least

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    Vermont has the least restrictive gun and self defense laws in the entire country.

    So, according to the hysteria of the gun control lobby, how come Vermont isn't the murder and violent crime capitol of the country?


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    a state with less than 1,000,000 people, around 95% white, very few drug and social problems, no major urban areas. That's why.

    Doesn't matter who is committing the crimes....

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    A few months ago near my home a fellow was robbed of his grocery bags while walking down the street. There were the muggings of individuals by groups over the past few years. The crimes of violence against people near Stonybrook, such as the robbery of a fellow who was with his baby in a stroller and dog, don't stop.

    Whether the violence is in the form individual muggings and robberies, house or car breakins, gang initiations or what not doesn't matter. What matters to me that is that there is a plague of violence in the area. The local PD will never have enough staff to provide preventative protection. So to me the question is what can I do to persuade people who believe they can commit violence with impunity that it is in their best interest to go elsewhere?

    If there are not sufficient carrots to persuade them that crime is not worthwhile then what kind of sticks can I use to persuade them to go away?

    Instead of roving gangs perhaps its time for roving bands of citizens letting gangbangers and other criminals know that the cost of violence in the neighborhood will far outweigh the benefit.

    Danger Zone

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    Back in September 1991, I was walking home to Rossie from the Cambridgeside Galleria. It was twilight, and I was coming up on Angell Memorial on S. Huntington when up ahead I see a group of 10 obviously young adults, judging by their high energy and sloppy style of walking. Their jackets were way too seasonably warm. Almost all of them had on fluffy ski jackets on a normal September night. They are all pushing into each other and loping towards me at a carefree pace. It was too late for me to cross the street without showing fear. This is it... I am going past them. My eyes steeled, my chest locked in military position, latisimus dorsis flared for good measure. As I pass the group with my eyes on the far horizon, I eventually see they are a bunch of retarded people out for a walk from their group home.

    All I could picture was someone seeing me deflate moments later, and thinking "That guy carrying the invisible luggage sure tried to impress that group".