Afternoon shooting in Roxbury leaves one with bullet wound, two with cuts from flying glass

UPDATE: Shots were fired, but nobody was hit; instead, a bullet-riddled SUV crashed.

AlertNewEngland reports a man was shot this afternoon on Gaston Street off Warren. The Globe reports two people sitting in a car nearby were injured by flying glass.



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Now I am no expert on Bostons

Now I am no expert on Bostons neighborhood boundaries, but when in doubt, you can always look up the address in the city's "My Neighborhood" search and at least see what the city thinks its called. In this case, its Roxbury.

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Outdated source. Grove Hall

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Outdated source. Grove Hall is in Dorchester. The zip code is 02121. Roxbury ends at about Quincy St. Do you think the Boston Public Schools to whom neighborhood is everything is unaware of the location?

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We call it Dorxbury.

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It's Dorchester according to the post office and Roxbury according to the city, and those are both current.

We call it Dorxbury.

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I'm gonna go ahead and say

I'm gonna go ahead and say you are wrong. Grove Hall and Franklin Park is and has always been the southern boundries of Roxbury.

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