Gunfire on Northampton Street

Police are looking for a skinny Somali guy for firing up to seven shots on Northampton Street near Washington Street shortly after 7:30. Witnesses spotted him fleeing on a bike; which he apparently abandoned on East Lenox Street. A gun dog found a gun in front of the Church of St. Augustine and St. Martin.



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Wait a minute...

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BPD has a "gun dog"?

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the cops are so clueless they lock up anyone just tocover their

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ass. the kid they locked up for it was witnessed by public safety to be in a different location at the time of the crime which was blocks away.So every one that seen the guy with the cape, just know that supermans alive. WHERES THE JUSTICE SMFH DUMB AND DIRTY

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"Gun dog" is how cops

"Gun dog" is how cops frequently refer to ballistic detection K9s (which I believe are actually explosive detection dogs, gunpowder of course being one of the explosive materials the dogs can detect).

But no, BPD does not have "gun dogs" by the classic definition, being a dog trained to retrieve hunted game animals.

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I miss hello kitty

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She (it is a she isn't it?) cheers me up when gun violence rocks our city.

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What I'm going to post IS NOT racist

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I can spot a Somali a mile away. They almost universally have a particular physical look, many are also baby faced for lack of a better phrase.

Then of course there's the name.

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Unless Adam left something really important out, the police don't know the name of the person they are looking for.

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Ignore the 'name'

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part,Ron; my mistake.

Again, EVERY Somalis I've ever encountered has a very similar and particular look to them, which I described. I would add that most are also thin/skinny.

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Well, since you asked, (and

Well, since you asked, (and these things tend to get confusing with multiple agencies), but Boston PD seemed to think the Housing PD officers there knew exactly who the suspect was.

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