Gunfire on Northampton Street

Police are looking for a skinny Somali guy for firing up to seven shots on Northampton Street near Washington Street shortly after 7:30. Witnesses spotted him fleeing on a bike; which he apparently abandoned on East Lenox Street. A gun dog found a gun in front of the Church of St. Augustine and St. Martin.



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"Gun dog" is how cops

"Gun dog" is how cops frequently refer to ballistic detection K9s (which I believe are actually explosive detection dogs, gunpowder of course being one of the explosive materials the dogs can detect).

But no, BPD does not have "gun dogs" by the classic definition, being a dog trained to retrieve hunted game animals.

Ignore the 'name'

part,Ron; my mistake.

Again, EVERY Somalis I've ever encountered has a very similar and particular look to them, which I described. I would add that most are also thin/skinny.