Bloodshed continues: One dead, one wounded in Geneva Avenue barbershop shooting

Brian D'Amico reports two people were shot around 7:15 p.m. inside the Universal Barbershop and Salon at 436 Geneva Ave.. The dead victim was shot in the head; the woman was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the arm.

UPDATE: Boston Police report the man was in his early 20s; the woman in her late 50s.



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Does it end?

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Seriously.. the first page of Uhub has far too many murders and attacks on it.

But really.. you walk into a barber shop, and just shoot someone while they are getting a haircut. Really? I mean is killing this guy dead THAT important.

All I can do is just shake my head and say "Stupid People"

It is a sad story.

The shooters may simply be too young to understand the value of a life. The guy who was shot was in his 20s according to the media reports. His shooter was most likely in the same age group. Stupid people is right.

I was fully aware of the value of a human life

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before I was a teenager. Something is SERIOUSLY wrong with these 'kids' who commit all this violence. I'd begin by checking out how they were raised and by whom. Most of them appear to be full blown psychopaths/sociopaths by the time they become teenagers. People of all ages with reasonably decent mental health don't murder people because you want their 'sh*t', don't murder delivery people and cab drivers for 5 bucks, don't routinely engage in mayhem and slaughter while swaggering around with their 'bling'.

But that would mean this

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But that would mean this community of violence would have to actually take responsibility for there role in the cycle. And that will not happen.