Mattapan drive-by leaves house with bullet holes

Two rounds were fired into the house on Colorado Street from a car that sped away around 9:20 p.m.



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When is the city and the lazy

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When is the city and the lazy mainstream media going to notice that we've had an escalating drug/gang war going on for months now?

Is it though? Statistics show

Is it though? Statistics show the number of shootings and homicides are down from last year...Im not saying there arent some serious problems happening, but its no worse than it has been in the past. (I dont have the link to the document saved but BPD put out a few in the past month)

Difference in shootings is 5 bodies

As of Sept l8th bpd blog post, shootings are l57 this year v 162 last year. I'm not sure whether these figures are bodies shot or shooting incidents. Pretty much every Monday new figures get posted, until there's a spike and figures don't get posted for l or 2 weeks, till nos even out. Notice there was no posting for Sept 24 this week. No numbers are posted for houses or cars shot up. Last month, 4 cars were shot up in Hyde Park. Two weeks ago, over l0 shots were fired across Cummins Highway, near the Square. None of those shooting incidents get reported by anyone.

I was on Columbia Road Tuesday afternoon, and it was like a war zone with sirens, cruisers, and ambulances trying to make their way to various shootings, near there. Once, I hit Mass Ave. the helicopter was flying up and over the street. If you didn't see it or hear it with your own eyes, you'd never know any of this was going on. Apparently, ignorance is supposed to be bliss. Ignorance could get you killed as an innocent bystander.

Which 'Square' ?

Two weeks ago, over l0 shots were fired across Cummins Highway, near the Square.

Roslindale Square, or Mattapan Square?

Wonder if this has anything

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Wonder if this has anything to do with all the drug dealers who got released because of the drug lab mix-up.

Damn, Colorado is a nice

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Damn, Colorado is a nice street too.
I know the haters will say there are none in Mattapan, but whatever. There are many— and Colorado Street is one of them. Lots of civic activity and a very pleasant community around it, almost suburban feel. That sucks that they have to deal with this kind of nonsense.

Yep, that was my thought too

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This is a really suburban-feeling neighborhood, high homeownership, neighbors who mostly know each other.

I mean, not that it's OK for this to happen anywhere, but weird when it happens somewhere where you don't have as many transient types and slumlords whose houses end up hosting crazy parties and all that.