Blood just keeps flowing: Three shot, one dead in Fields Corner

Brian D'Amico reports three people were shot on Park Street near Geneva Avenue around 10 p.m. and that one of the victims is dead.

Update, Tuesday afternoon: Boston Police report the dead victim was shot repeatedly. The other two victims, one shot in the throat on the front stairs of 230 Park St., the other, shot in the hip and shoulder, are expected to survive.

2012 Boston murder map.



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What's going on? Why are so many people being murdered? This seems like a war, but over what?


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No just no respect for human life, and a lack of good educated parent in the lack community. The truth hurts so PLEASE don't call me racist


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There are plenty of educated black parents in the black community.Don't make stupid comments.Do yourself a favor and don't harp on folks when you have no room to talk about education you yourself cannot spell!

While I agree there are many

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While I agree there are many more black families doing the right thing and just wanting to raise their families and live a life without having to dodge bullets, you can't ignore the problem in the urban black community. By ignoring the problem, you are not helping. The major cause of death for a young black male is another young black male. This is a loss for all of us.

Pro tip

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Pro tip: if you have to add "don't call me a racist" to your comment, then you are not speaking truth to power; you are being a racist dickbag.


I haven't seen anything that gave the races of anyone involved.

Every inner-city in this

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Every inner-city in this country is a high crime area, black people make up 13% of the population but commit 50% of the violent crime.

It's gang related. I live in

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It's gang related. I live in the area, and while there's more than enough good people and strong families around, there's certainly a lot of gang activity permeating through.

Although I doubt this would

Although I doubt this would account for recent shootings, I do wonder what will happen as more defendants get released because of the ongoing drug lab scandal.

I'm not sure myself, but I'm

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I'm not sure myself, but I'm pretty sure you'd have to be part of "the game" to know certainly. From my experience, it seems that these things tend to go in waves; one side hits the other, the other hits back, and so on and so forth.


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It's not gang related at all he was a innocent victim how rude of you to assume shit like that

I think you mean

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I think you meant to say that he is "AN innocent victim". Grammatically speaking you generally can't place two vowel sounds in direct succession. Your article was in the wrong place at the wrong time (again, grammatically speaking).

It was not gang related the

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It was not gang related the person that died was not part of any gangs he was just sitting on his porch when someone started shooting


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The lesson we teach as a nation is when others don't comply to your wishes, you can try talking to them, then threaten them, then go to war with them.

Sign the perp up

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He's hitting .333. The Sox need this guy at the top of the order.

Fields Corner

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Is this T station not safe for a woman to walk from to Ronan Park?

machel martin

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Rest easy now cuz.. We miss and love you!

MaChel D. Martin's accidental death

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YES!!!!!! My love MaChel, aka Dane, is missed n still loved by me and many. He entered my path of life as I did his. We fell in love with each other deeply and planed to be together forever. It saddens me deeply and emotionally as well as a emptyness, a hole that will never be filled. Your cuz was taken from me for no reason...from all of us...where is the justice in that? I an num with no feeling but love and loss for Dane....I love him still and will never forget or stop loving him....R.I.P. baby