Man shot in the head in Roxbury

Update: Boston Police report the victim died.

As many as four people may have surrounded a man on Bower Street this afternoon before one of them shot him in the head.

The victim's injuries were bad enough to have the homicide unit called in just in case he dies.

Police are looking for three black men and one Hispanic man, who may have split up after the shooting into two groups and ran in different directions toward "H Block," a series of streets a couple blocks away with names beginning with H.



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Boston Police = Failure

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Hate to bring surges into things, but rather than worrying too much about speeders on Route 24 and patrolling no stop light towns in the Berkshires, shouldn't the staties be lending our BPD friends a little person power in our neighborhoods with armed gangs now in a clear and open war?

Might be deeper than that.

It may take some of the residents to speak up. In the past, this has been a major obstacle to getting positive results. Just going in and trying to clean up like the old west isn't the answer to this.


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Would cry foul if the State Police tried to help, that would mean less OT. Remember the Carson Beach dispute!

Shoot on sight curfews might

Shoot on sight curfews might help. Other than that, exactly what do you want cops to do? They can't stop and frisk - that would be racist. When you've got villains willing to shoot each other next door to police stations, a few more cops on the street is not the solution.

I've often said..

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I've often said that we should bring back the stockades in Boston Common.

Lets put some of these gang bangers up on display where we can hit them with rotten tomatoes. It sounds far fetched but humiliation goes very very far when it comes to teaching a lesson. The best way to cut some of these gang bangers down is to knock'em off their blocks.

We'll all know who they are.. we won't want to live next to them, or give them jobs, or even want to associate with them. They'll also be 'outed' with their gang and can no longer be trusted (in short, booted from the gang).

Maybe they'll think twice before doing something stupid.

Its obvious that the threat of prison doesn't work (and in some cases further a criminal's career). Maybe its time to try something else.

LOL. you're from the

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LOL. you're from the suburbs, aren't you? And you've probably never lived anywhere near Blue Hill Ave. "Gangbangers" aren't going to give a sh-t about your rotten tomatoes.

Nationally, crime rates right now are the lowest they've been in decades actually. We're also incarcerating people in unprecedented record numbers. Our higher homicide rates are due in part to the availability of guns. When guns were less available, you had more stabbings and more aggravated assaults, with lower homicide counts. Guns have a much higher degree of fatality. Same number of attacks as before, but with deadlier weaponry and thus more fatalities. (There's substantial research behind all of this by the way, I'm not making it up). Another problem is that when you incarcerate a large amount of adult felons as we did during the 1980s War on drugs, juveniles have to fill that power vacuum in gangs. Most kids new to the game don't have a clue what they're doing because they're suddenly put in this position of authority with no adult felons around to check them, they're probably also scared and feel they have a lot to prove. Juveniles are also biologically still pretty impulsive brain-development wise. So they're more likely than an older experienced felon who maybe knows better how to negotiate situations to pull a gun on someone for a trivial reason. In the criminology field we call this the "kids do dumb sh*t" theory.

You're missing the point

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You are missing the point. It isnt about the tomatoes, its about the humiliation of being put on display. Humiliation is a powerful technique that works... its so powerful our own gov't uses it at Gitmo.

And No, I live in Chelsea, which isn't the burbs.

I did not miss the point.

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I did not miss the point. Public humiliation of that sort consists cruel and unusual punishment. If anything, I think gang members would get off on it - it would become a badge of honor on the street. As for your Gitmo comparison - As they have been defined as "unlawful combatants", prisoners at Gitmo don't fall into the same legal category as U.S. citizens who have violated criminal law. Without getting into the murky waters of torture and what we consider "combatants" during times of war, Gitmo should never be compared to the U.S. criminal justice system as it is rife with human rights abuses that the U.S. has a legal loophole to commit though it is completely a violation of international law. And military and international law is a different entity with different rules than U.S. criminal law.

Your stupid, I want the

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Your stupid, I want the police to do their fuckin joband stopmaking excuses......

because snitches get stitches, that's why

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Yes, of course the BPD have gang units - it's a city, every city has one. The problem is that you need witnesses to crimes. Few crimes are actually solved via scientific evidence as CSI would have you believe. I've heard of these shootings happening at block parties in Dorchester and no one at the party says they saw who did it which is BS. It's all part of the Stop Snitching street code. And if you're a member of that community you know that if you talk, you're putting your own life at risk; if you don't talk, the victim's friends will take care of the triggerman anyway sooner or later. So for the witness it's not really a question of what to do. But then again you can't really blame the cops for not solving certain homicide cases when they need actual cooperation from the community to identify suspects and no one in the neighborhood will talk. The best they can do is gather intelligence but the way to gain information on the streets is by of course, the community itself. And certain communities - including black communities - are never going to establish a trusting relationship with the police due to the obvious contentious history with them. 100 years ago you had cops that doubled as KKK members. If they weren't actual members they were protecting the people who lynched blacks down South. So several decades later they are still distrustful of them and can you really blame them? Even with a more diverse police force and new generations of cops coming in, there's too much of a bad history there. And you definitely can't rebuild that trust with policies like stop and frisk. So there enlies your problem.

I do think it'll be interesting once these Dookhan cases start coming out of jail and going back to their old neighborhoods - remember that those cases go back to 2003. We might see a brief (hopefully) upsurge in the violence when guys come back to either reclaim their turf or settle old scores. Annie Dookhan did a lot more long term damage than just tamper with evidence.